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Gratitude Quotes …for Gratitude is a Tremendous Virtue!

Gratitude Quotes! I love quotes! That is pretty evident by just reading a few of my posts. In my opinion Gratitude is one of the greatest virtues we can inherit. That is why  for this weeks “Happy Quotes”,  I am sharing gratitude quotes. I have compiled a list of 42 of some of my favorites! Some of my feelings on gratitude could best be described by this which focuses on the positive: { This is a wonderful time to be {Read More}

Abraham Lincoln Quotes… 20 favorites plus free printables!

You all know I love quotes and today I’m sharing an awesome batch of Abraham Lincoln Quotes! I have compiled a list of 20 Abraham Lincoln quotes that can both inspire and get you thinking. Although there are literally hundreds of quotes floating around the internet from this great man, I have compiled some of my favorites. Happy Birthday Honest Abe! Abraham Lincoln was born ion February 12, 1809 and his life tragically ended on April 15, 1865 when he was shot to his {Read More}

New Year Quotes… free printables!

Here’s some new year quotes to help get this year off to a great start! Happy New Year! and Welcome 2016! Honestly, I am so so excited for this new year. I’m going to admit that in my 50 years 2015 wasn’t one of my best {whispers– remaining positive}. I am so optimistic about what 2016 has to bring. As I have pondered the new year I have been inspired and encouraged by many thoughts and quotes. As I have {Read More}

LDS General Conference… October 2015 quotes and prints!

I had many requests to do LDS General Conference quotes and I’m so glad I did them! Honestly though, I think I did this more for myself than anyone else. The inspiration here is just amazing. Naturally, there are far too many good quotes than I could share so I chose those that resonated most with me or were generally great messages to be reminded of often. Its always nice to be reminded of ways we can turn to our Savior and be {Read More}

Mother I love You! Mothers Day Quotes & Prints

Happy Mothers Day! Everyone has a mother somewhere. Some are actually mothers themselves. Some are mothers without ever giving birth. With Mothers Day coming up, I wanted to dedicate a post to mothers everywhere today. Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. –Oprah Winfrey What makes a mother? I’m sharing a list of quotes that describe very well what Mothers are. My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If {Read More}

Positive Quotes and Thoughts {free printables}

  I am sharing some positive quotes and thoughts that can add to a happy life.  I am all about positive and lets face it, sometimes its not easy to be positive. This Post from tiny buddah gives you 10 tips to overcome negative thoughts. They are awesome tips. Being positive is a choice and it starts with our thoughts. Which brings me right to our positive quotes today… Positive Quotes #1 Keep Your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. {Read More}

Enjoy Life! Four Printable quotes…

Summertime…. What is it about summertime that adds that carefree element that says it’s time to ENJOY LIFE! For me I think its hearing the laughter of children more often, and the sun staying up longer. Its playing new fun music in the car and enjoying some type of water activities.  Lately I have gotten a little lost in the thrill of summer. I have thrown caution to the wind so to speak a bit and just taken some time {Read More}

Life Quotes to Bring Happiness

Its been awhile since I have shared some happy life quotes. I have had some thoughts running through my mind lately and wanted to share a few life quotes this week. Hopefully they will impact some of you in a positive way! I love how they turned out using one of my favorite color combinations for summer: White, golden yellow and charcoal. Here are todays “Life Quotes” Life Quote#1 download HERE——–>>JPEG or PDF If you have the power to make {Read More}

Maya Angelou Quotes -Be Inspired! {part 2}

Maya Angelou Quotes {part 2} When someone is as inspiring as Maya Angelou,  they deserve a 2-part post! So I am back today sharing more Maya Angelou quotes. Yesterday I shared several one liner Maya Angelou quotes that were very articulate and profound. Today I have another full page of inspirational quotes! To read more about maya and her life go here { bio. } or here {wiki } Many of Mayas quotes were taken from this poem she wrote titled: I’ve {Read More}

Maya Angelou Quotes and inspiration.. A life well lived!

 Maya Angelou Quotes {Part 1}   My adoration for Maya Angelou grew even greater when I read that her primary residence was a cheery yellow color. Really? A yellow house? You know me, and that just made me pretty “happi”. 🙂 Maya Angelou was full of inspiration and shared it on a daily basis in her adult years prior to her death earlier today, Wednesday May 25, 2014 at the age of 86. Weather you knew of  Maya or not, surely you {Read More}

Sunshine Quotes and Free Printables

  Did you get your June 2014 calendar? I made such a big deal about Sunshine so I am sharing some sunshine quotes and free printables  that go along with the June calendar. About that SUNSHINE… Here is a list of 10 sunshine quotes that I found to be fun, unliftling, and definitely all about sunshine! “Sunshine Quotes” Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow. ~ Helen Keller A good laugh is sunshine in the house. ~ William Makepeace Thackeray {Read More}

Quotes to start off the new year! {week of 1/6}

It’s been awhile…  I am getting back to my weekly happy thoughts posts to start the week. This week I am sharing some quotes to get the year started off right!  Last week I shared a post {HERE} with several of my favorite thought provoking new years quotes and thoughts on goals and dreams. I decided to make the quotes into a printable as a visual to share with others or help with some motivation. I also did 4 of the those {Read More}