Birthday Gift Basket Idea with Free Printables

Birthday gift basket ideas with free printables!


February is Birthday Month for my family and I just got done celebrating my daughter and hubby’s birthdays. I have some birthday gift basket ideas that I did this year for them and I thought I’d share my daughters here today. Because she was an only child, we had a lot of parties for my daughter growing up and I usually did it up big. I’m thinking I should share her sweet 16 on here — it was AhhhhMAZing! Birthdays for my daughter are a little different now that she has her own little family though. This year was her 25th so I wanted to do something to put emphasis on the BIG  TWO*FIVE! So for her gift, I decided to create a “25 somethings” gift basket for her!

Birthday gift basket ideas with free printables!

Take a look at that birthday gift basket!


First off, to put together the birthday gift basket, I made a list of 25 things that I could put on sticks to make a gift basket bouquet. I listed some of her favorite treats, random items, coupons, and gift cards.

Here is a list of ideas, some of which I used…

Candy, chocolate, nuts, gum, mints, suckers, jerky, cookies, snacks, nail polish, pens, office supplies, notecards, markers, hobby supplies, photos, lottery tickets, balloons, jewelry, sunglasses, belts, scarves, ties, small perfume, make-up,  gift cards, movie tickets, coupons of services, cash, …and SO much more!

There are a lot of options but if you are using this method, you need to take into consideration the size and weight of the gifts. I had a few heavier items that did fine with extra tape on the back. Look at all I packed in there:

Birthday gift basket ideas with free printables!


You can’t really see it all, but I decided to stay with the 25 and put in 25 items including several $25 gift cards {lucky her} and 25 one dollar bills for filler. I think the dollar bills make it really fun and gives it a wow factor! I found the cutest little owl planter at Walgreens for $2.99, score!  {see here} She loves owl things and was so excited about the base when she saw it. You can use any base but try to keep it compact as it will look grander together. This one was about 6″ diameter.

You will need:

-the base with wide bottom and has some weight to it  (planter, basket, small box, or vase) You may need to add some weight to it in the bottom if it’s light weight. My ceramic pot held all my skewers fine though.

-a square of dry foam cut to fit very firmly in container (needs to be firm yet pierce-able, see photo below)

-long wooden skewers (most dollar stores carry them)


-your gift basket items

-Happy Birthday printables provided below (print and cut out)

Birthday gift basket ideas with free printables!

I taped all the items to the skewers making sure they would end up being different heights when put in the basket. I taped two skewers together to put the birthday and number printables on so they stood out above the rest in the birthday gift basket. Then I just stuck them all in the pot! 🙂

Birthday gift basket ideas with free printables!

Super easy and F U N!

Ok, so here are some printables to help make your birhday gift basket grand! There are 2 color choices of “Happy Birthday”, one circular that you can use a marker to put in a number or message, and 4 “gift tags” to add a coupon or message to if you’d like.

Birthday gift basket ideas with free printables!


Blue Happy Birthday

Yellow Circle

Red Happy Birthday

4-gift tags

Thats it! I hope you enjoy!

Please send me a photo for my FB page if you do one with my printables. I’d love to see and share them! 🙂 blog signature

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  1. Sandra Kaponits says:

    Hi Jillene
    What an amazing and beautiful gift idea. You are very talented and I appreciate your generosity in sharing your talent and printables with us. Receiving your emails and visiting your blog always makes me feel “happi”. Many thanks!

  2. this is such a cute idea! Your basket ideas ROCK! I am still enjoying one I got from you! 😉

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