Creative & Fun Cash Gift With Free Printable

CASH? Yes please!! Here is a fun and creative way to gift cash with a a personal touch. Easy idea with free printable at

Fun & Creative way to gift cash!


Cash gift.

Who wouldn’t want it?

Recently, I had a couple of gifts to give and I wanted to give them cash because I felt they would be most excited about cash. But when I give a gift I like it to have a personal touch,


This is what I came up with for my cash gifts.

The first one was a birthday gift for my niece who was turning 21 and I thought 21 $$ bills would make a great gift. So I found a pretty little gold box and made a cute circular “Happy Birthday” tag. The second one was a gift  for a graduate and I made a “Congratulations” gift tag for that one. Their school mascot was a tiger and I just happened to have a tiger box. Yes. PERFECT! I made the tags rather neutral so they could adapt to any type of box or be printed on colored paper. I love the classic neutral tones! 

Cash? Yes please!! Super easy and fun and creative way to gift cash with a personal touch. Idea with free printable at

Super easy and adds a fun element to your gift!

OK, here we go!

1. For the box… any size or type you wish will work. Either wrap the box or find one that suits the recipient and occasion. Cut a slit about 2-3 inches in the top so the bills can slide through it.

2. For the tag just sign it or write your sentiment on it so its ready for the next steps. :):)

3. I got my 21 $$ cash and taped them together from end to end making a long chain {wouldn’t it be a blast if it were $100.00 bills?!! …just sayin}

4. Roll the bills into a circular bundle and place inside the box. Slide the first bill on top through the slit just enough to tape underneath your gift tag. (see below) 

5. Tape the tag in place on the box. The idea is to have them lift the tag (which it says on tag) and they will start pulling out a string of cash! Fun stuff. hahah 😀

6. Add a bow if you wish and there you have it!

A fun & creative cash gift!!

Thats it!!

Yep.i like CASH!! Here is a fun and creative way to gift cash with a personal touch. Super easy idea with free printable at

Here are the tags with download links. I made the a 6″ circular but they can be enlarged or shrunk if you wish.

Happy Birthday Tag to go with a creative cash gift. FREE printable at inkhappi

Happy Birthday Tag

{click HERE for download}

Congratulations gift tag to go with a creative cash gift. FREE printable at inkhappi

Congratulations gift tag

{click HERE for download}

Cash? Yes please!! Give the gift of cash with a personal touch. Idea with free printable at

When they look under the tag the will pull out a string of cash… Everyones favorite gift! And you will have put some of your own creative touch to it making it more special. :):)

For other gift ideas and printables I have shared look HERE.




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  1. This is just what I was needing! I like to add a personal touch to my gifts also and have a couple I need to do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Awesome! Saw something similar on Pinterest and been wanting to make one! Thanks for the free printable!
    Get Busy Living blog

  3. Very cute!

  4. What cute ideas…and who doesn’t like a little cash!?!? 🙂

  5. What a fun idea! I want one! 😉

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