Motivational Prints to start the New Year off right!

Hello to some motivational prints to start the new year! and… Hello New Year!   So, hows the new year going so far? I’m  working on making this a fabulous year!  I look at each new year like a fresh start to improve throughout year. So I’m hoping this post will help with that! I have been anticipating this new year for awhile now, and it’s finally here. Welcome 2017! These motivational prints can encourage progress in the new year or anytime! So {Read More}

2017 Annual Calendar… Make it the best year ever!

Yeah! It’s the 2017 Annual Calendar It’s almost here. Another new year! Here is the 2017 Annual Calendar from inkhappi. I have thought a lot about the new year and I’m looking forward to it. One thing I really plan to do is to… Make this year the… BEST. YEAR. EVER. Yep! I tend to say this about every new year and this year I really, really  mean it!! But I do have a confession to make. 2016 wasn’t the {Read More}

January 2017 Calendar and Print… Enjoy the Little Things!

Hello December… and HELLO January 2017 calendar! It’s here. Yep. 2017 is upon us and I have the January 2017 calendar here to help start off the year right! So here we go! A word that comes to mind when bringing in the new year is OPPORTUNITY… “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce {Read More}

Over 40 clever organization tools to make life easier!

We are well on our way into the new year and I’m sharing some great tips to help improve organization. In fact, I’m sharing over 40 clever organization tools chosen by some of my favorite bloggers that will help us to become more efficient and make life a bit easier. I call that winning in 2016… Yep! And how about a GIVEAWAY? We’ve got that here too! Two winners will receive $350 each, which could buy a lot of organizing products. (see end of post for {Read More}

New Year Quotes… free printables!

Here’s some new year quotes to help get this year off to a great start! Happy New Year! and Welcome 2016! Honestly, I am so so excited for this new year. I’m going to admit that in my 50 years 2015 wasn’t one of my best {whispers– remaining positive}. I am so optimistic about what 2016 has to bring. As I have pondered the new year I have been inspired and encouraged by many thoughts and quotes. As I have {Read More}

January 2016 Calendar… Hello New Year!

Hello! Yes, It’s almost here… A new year!  I’m always so optimistic and excited for a new year, imagining that it will be the BEST year ever and the year 2016 is no different. With the January 2016 Calendar comes new dreams, goals, and lots of fabulous days! 🙂 Because I always think the new year will be the BEST year yet, I decided to take that a step further and look at each new day as the best day of the year. So here it {Read More}

New Years 2015… Wishing you a fabulous Year!

Yep! Its December 31, 2014. You know what that means! Time to celebrate another year behind us, and look forward to making this a sizegen FABULOUS New Years! So here are some prints to ring in the new year and plan for a successful 2015!    The first print is a remake of last years 2014 because we still want to make 2015 COUNT!! You can get that print——–>> HERE The second print is just for “FUN”. It doesn’t matter {Read More}

2015 Annual Calendar… Make it Count!

2015 Don’t Count the days…     Make the Days Count! It’s almost here. Another new year! Here is the 2015 Annual Calendar from inkhappi. I have thought a lot about the new year and I’m looking forward to it. One thing I really plan to do is to… “MAKE THE DAYS COUNT”   You know, I love quotes and use them to help me in my life. I’m going to share some new years inspiration that has made an {Read More}

January 2015 Calendar… A new year!

  Here it is! The first calendar of 2015! So I am sharing the January 2015 Calendar today. I know many of us approach the new year in different ways. In a way it is looked at as a fresh start to improve upon our past and work towards being our best selves. Something I have learned in life that baby steps gets you further sometimes when you are trying to improve upon something. I have some goals in the new {Read More}

Determination is what I am talking about!

 DETERMINATION What a POWERFUL word! Determination is what I am talking about today and the topic this weeks “happy thoughts”. Click here to download print——>> JPEG or PDF With a new year comes a renewed interest to improve, evaluate, and set goals. I have had great success with one word, a quote, or statement to focus on for the year.  Last year the word of choice to focus on in 2013 was FOCUS. You can read about that HERE. It really did help me {Read More}

Quotes to start off the new year! {week of 1/6}

It’s been awhile…  I am getting back to my weekly happy thoughts posts to start the week. This week I am sharing some quotes to get the year started off right!  Last week I shared a post {HERE} with several of my favorite thought provoking new years quotes and thoughts on goals and dreams. I decided to make the quotes into a printable as a visual to share with others or help with some motivation. I also did 4 of the those {Read More}

2014 Annual Calendar and Some Inspirational Thoughts

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to begin a new year! Seriously. I already said this is my year. Do any of you feel that way also? I needed a 2014 annual calendar to help me prepare for the great things that are going to happen! So… Today I’m sharing a 2014 Annual Calendar! {Download HERE}  So there it is.  2014 at a glance! I’m  off and running with the “do one thing everyday that makes you happy”. It fits {Read More}