Gift Ideas List… Some Favorites!

Gift Ideas List!

Gift ideas list with ideas of favorite things you usually cant go wrong with. Pick your favorites! Free printable gift tags too at


As promised in my last post, I am sharing a gift ideas list to make gift giving a little easier.  I shared a gift idea along with over 100 other blogger in a HUGE blog hop {HERE}. Sometimes for my friends I like to give a few of my “favorite” things. Things that have been tried and true to surely put a smile on my face and I believe they will do the same for my friend. So I made up these cute tags about sharing “my favorite things” and the occasion of the gift, and I am giving you a gift ideas list to help you pick from when deciding what you’d like to give! 

Favorite things gift ideas and free printable gift tags from

You can find the four styles of tags to download HERE!

I love that these tags are really versatile and they print up really bright and vibrant. They are appropriate for Male or Female, although my gift idea list tends to lead more to the female liking–not totally but well thats just how my favorites work.  I am a girly -girlThere are some things you usually cant go wrong with. This gift ideas list will have many of those items on it. 


Here it is!

Gift ideas list with ideas of favorite things you usually cant go wrong with. Pick your favorites! Free printable gift tags too at


Click here for Printable download ——–>> GIFT IDEAS LIST

Gift Ideas List


PERSONAL /BEAUTY Favorite: Lotion * Cream * Make-up items * Mascara * Nail Polish & Remover * Beauty Products * Lip Balm * Soap * Scarf * T-Shirt * Watch Jewelry * Manicure/Pedicure * Personal Favorite: Lip Balm- you just can’t go wrong. I love Maybelline BabyLips and they have tons of fun colors/flavors. EDIBLE TREATS Favorite: Easy to bake mixes * Dip Mixes * Salsas * Sauces * Bakery items *Favorite candy * Chocolate * Nuts * Gum * favorite Drink * Candy Bar Poster * Themes: Cinnamon, Sweet & Salty, Chocolate fix, Drinks, Nutty * Something unique and different or hard to get * Personal Favorite: A box with packs of my favorite gum (around $10-$12 from warehouse stores) STATIONARY/CRAFT Favorite: Fun colored pens * Nice Pens * Notepads * Notecards * Magazines *Chalkboard * Ribbon * Scrapbook * Giftwrap * Office Supplies * Personal Favorite: inkjoy Colored pens and a cute journal GIFT CARDS/TICKETS Favorite: Gift Cards * MovieTickets* i-tunes,/Music * Lottery Tickets *  Concert Tickets * Subscriptions * Memberships * Netflix. * Redbox * Sporting Events * Theater/Play Tickets * I personally love a $10 gift card to Walgreens. You can find everything at that store! MISC… Flowers * Plants/Succulents * Games * Puzzles * Tools * Drink Mug * Vases Kitchen Tools * Baking pans * Frames * Candlesticks * Books * Car Scents Personal Favorite: Small thought and photo books BIRTHDAY PACKAGE Candles * Cake or Cupcakes * Game * Confetti * Paper products such as fun straws, plates, cups, bags * Hats * Party favors *

If I ever see any of these things on sale, I will pick up a couple of extra to have on hand. That way when an occasion to give a gift arises, I will have a few things available to put together to make a fun gift! I can always find fun books such as the Martha Stewarts Cupcake book (pictured below) for under $10 at most discount designer stores.  Also keep your eyes open for cool kitchen gadgets, or fun stationary items! Most people can use a good lip balm of some kind. Do you have a favorite? Share what you like!

Gift ideas list with ideas of favorite things you usually cant go wrong with. Pick your favorites! Free printable gift tags too at

Have you had a chance to check out yesterdays post of over 100 gift ideas, most of them under $5.00? It was so FUN, and it isn’t going anywhere so you have plenty of time to hop around and check out all the fun gift ideas everyone shared! Take some time to pin this gift ideas list and some other ideas so you can have them when you need them. Yep! Head over to Kristen Dukes Blog, Capturing Joy With Kristen Duke and wish her a Happy Birthday and see all the celebrating she is doing this week!! 

Over 100 blogs coming together and sharing gift ideas! Inkhappi shares lots of "favorite" gift ideas with printable gift tags


For free Birthday poster printables check this out! 

Cute free printable birthday posters from

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