July 2016 Calendar and Print

Yay! The July 2016 Calendar is here!

Happy Summer! 

After spending the long Memorial Day weekend away at my cottage in the pines, I really am feeling that summer vibe. This week we are supposed to hit triple digit weather in Arizona so summertime is definitely here! I’m also planning to hit the pool this week and get some daily exercise and refreshment. As for summer planning, I have the July 2016 Calendar here to help.

Pick up this cute free printable July 2016 Calendar and print at inkhappi!

Lately I’ve had the desire to stand for something and make a change for the good. Sometimes that takes COURAGE. So this calendar is a reminder for me daily to do just that. Therefore, the theme is to:


stand for something

Make a change for the good!

Are you in on this? Let me know what you think!

Now you can download the prints here:

July 2016 Calendar

Pick up this cute free printable July 2016 Calendar and print at inkhappi!


Pick up this cute free printable July 2016 Calendar and print at inkhappi!


I hope you have a great summer and enjoy the July 2016 Calendar!

Pick up this cute free printable July 2016 Calendar and print at inkhappi!



If you want to plan your summer with family and help fight boredom with the kids, check out these summer planning calendars HERE.

Gather the family and plan out your summer activities with these free printable summer planning calendars, ideas and a chart.

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  1. Cheryl Botsolas says:

    I LOVE your calendars!!! Is there a way to type on them? I upload the jpeg, but still can’t type on them. Is there a word file that can be used or editable jpeg?

    Thanks so much!!!! Your work is amazing!!

    • Thanks Cheryl! Yes it is possible but I’m not sure what would work best for you. You will need some sort of text editing program such as Adobe Reader or Acrobat or Photoshop. There are many out there but I don’t know much about them. I do everything in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. I wish I could be of more help but if you google options hopefully you can find something that works for you.

  2. Lisa A Jeppson says:

    As I write this simple thank you, I am so humbled that you have just been an answer to my prayers. I have MS and I don’t know how to to very much on computers. But with my third missionary serving, still teaching Primary, and trying to be organized with my co teacher that frankly doesn’t come very much. I was thinking a calendar would be perfect so she would know exactly when I expect her to teach. Although I am quite realizst and know she probably wont show up. If she has the calenday she will text me before church starts to tell me she won’t be there. Not alot of notice but it is easier for me than showing up expecting her to teach and having her not show up. Also I have the sweetest little Down Syndrome girl in mu class and I have been trying to plan a class party in July and if she had a visual calendar to see when it is she wouldn’t be confused every week when she comes and it isn’t a party. This made me cry. When I came upon this. I was actually looking on Pinterest for an idea for a care package for my missionary. But somehow I was diverted to you. I was trying to get the quotes from General Conference. I still don’t know how to get them but I am going to keep trying. I would like to include them in his package. They can inpire him and help his testimony to grow. Thanks so much for your hard work. I am 53 so WAY older than you. But I am so grateful I found you. What a blessing to have you.

    • Lisa! I saw this comment when I was on vacation and I got sidetracked from commenting then. This was the sweetest post and I can relate to everything you are saying and have been in similar situations. You sound like an amazing teacher and mother! Thank you for sharing your kind words and thoughts. It means so much to me. By the way, I turned 53 on April 22 so you can scratch that “I am WAY older”! Hahah Did you get the GC prints to print for you? I may be able to help with that. Thanks! Jillene

  3. thank you love the calenders

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