Love Print Roundup… {Over 50} Great Gift Ideas!

Over 50 free Love Printables and valentine ideas!

Wow, over 50 love prints!


I didn’t realize how many prints I have concerning love! 


I have over {60} love related printables! Sooo… I thought I’d round most of these love prints for you in one place to easily find and view them all if you’d like. Love is in the air you know and it’s the key ingredient in life. Some of the best quotes, sayings, and scriptures out there concern love. Everyone NEEDS LOVE. Right? So let’s get to it!

{You can click on the link below each photo to get the link for the printables}


Free love print, {a true love story}. One of my faves!

free "LOVE STORY" love print at

{love story print}

This Love Story isn’t ending!


Three free love prints about Coke. Diet Coke, Awesome, mixed with laughter & love. The diet coke has been one of my most popular prints of all time!

Love, Laughter, and Awesome! free printable

{Love, Laughter, & Awesome!} and other love prints

Love, Laughter, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola and a whole lot of Awesome!


These are some of my favorite love quotes from movies. I shared 3 free printables!

Movie Love Quote free printables

Movie Love print Quotes free printables

It’s a Love Story! {Famous movie quotes}


Oh how I love you to the moon and back! Free love print as well as several fun Heart font downloads. 🙂

Love this saying! "Love you to the MOON and back!" free printable

Love this saying! “Love you to the MOON and back!” free love print {printable}

I {heart} Fonts!!


14 love quotes plus 3 free printable quotes! Hmmm… which 3 love print are they?!!

14 love quotes & printables at

14 love quotes

“To love and be loved”


Mae west had some pretty amazing one liners about love and life. Beware… some are pretty “steamy”!

West Quotes at

Mae West Quotes

No one quite like her…


Here are some free printable “LOVE checks” to share with someone special!

Write a "love check" to someone you love! free printable

love checks

For Love or Money? Why Love of course! 🙂


No free printable here, but I LOVE these! Ready for a drink yet?

Make your own cherry limeade! {}

Make your own cherry limeade! {}

Memory Lane and Cherry Limeades!


Gift card idea with song lyrics printable. <3 

Sweet and sentimental Gift /Card idea and My Best Friend lyrics printable

Sweet & sentimental Gift /Card idea and My Best Friend lyrics printable

My BFF and a Sweet & Sentimental Gift Idea!


Two free prints about kindness and LOVE!

A reminder of the importance of LOVE and CHARITY. Free prints at

A reminder of the importance of LOVE and CHARITY. Free prints at

How could someone be so mean?


These are some of my most popular prints. Coming from Mother Theresa, they have to good! Three free prints. 🙂

Some awesome Mother Teresa Quotes and free printables! :)

Be Inspired!

Inspired: Mother Teresa Quotes… happiness, kindness, love and life!



Many more fabulous Valentine fonts and this cute Valentine subway art print!

Valentine Subway Art free printable using all valentine fonts. Get 27 free font download links too!

Valentine Subway Art free printable

Valentine Fonts {oh how I love these!}


Eight prints that are “ALL ABOUT LOVE”! Awesome framed valentine gift idea. 🙂

Pass along these free printable cards and spread the love! Some fun expressions of love in either 4x5 card size or 8x10 free printables.

Pass these along and spread the love!

Love… it’s this weeks happy thoughts!


Feburary 2014 Calendar and this cute print. Enjoy!

Free printable Do what you what you do!

That’s right! Enjoy!

February Calendar and Printable is Here!


I shared some cute printable kiss tags as well as directions for the Rice Krispie Kisses! Fun! 

Rice Krispie kisses with free printable tags. So fun, easy, & YUMMY!

Rice Krispie Kisses. So fun, easy, & YUMMY! Free tags here!

Rice Krispie Kisses …These Kisses are Delicious!!


Some free printable banners! great for valentines day or someone you love!

Valentine banners: Fun! Easy! DIY! Add pizazzz to your valentine decor!

Easy DIY project!

Valentine Banners to decorate with!


Salsa recipes and the cute gift tags for your “Hottie”! {wink-wink}

The very best tried and true salsa recipes! Also some free printable gift tags...great gift for your red hot lover!! ;)

Salsa Recipe and Tags for your “Hottie”! {wink-wink}


We all love family… here are 6 awesome prints to share and show that love!

Several free printables about family and love. Great framed gift idea!

Great framed gift idea!

Family & Love. Free printables and great framed gift idea!


You can search Love, Valentines, or free printables for more!

Over 50 love related printables. Fun prints and some great gift ideas!

Pretty much LOVE these! 🙂


Check out my Valentine Holiday board on Pinterest Most of these prints will be found there as well as tons of other awesome ideas! Pinterest-inkhappi and  Holiday {Be Mine}

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