Motivational Prints to start the New Year off right!

Hello to some motivational prints to start the new year! and… Hello New Year!   So, hows the new year going so far? I’m  working on making this a fabulous year!  I look at each new year like a fresh start to improve throughout year. So I’m hoping this post will help with that! I have been anticipating this new year for awhile now, and it’s finally here. Welcome 2017! These motivational prints can encourage progress in the new year or anytime! So {Read More}

My 30th Wedding Anniversary and some marital advice!

  Yes, you saw that title right. TODAY is my 30th Wedding Anniversary and I am going to share some marital advice. I think 30 years qualifies me, right? 😉 Actually I was given the opportunity to share some marital advice on a campaign  a wedding website was was doing. It was really fun to think about the questions they asked of us. Of course I gave fairly brief answers but sometimes I feel like I could write a book on this. It is {Read More}

Maya Angelou Quotes and inspiration.. A life well lived!

 Maya Angelou Quotes {Part 1}   My adoration for Maya Angelou grew even greater when I read that her primary residence was a cheery yellow color. Really? A yellow house? You know me, and that just made me pretty “happi”. 🙂 Maya Angelou was full of inspiration and shared it on a daily basis in her adult years prior to her death earlier today, Wednesday May 25, 2014 at the age of 86. Weather you knew of  Maya or not, surely you {Read More}