Gratitude Quotes …for Gratitude is a Tremendous Virtue!

Gratitude Quotes! I love quotes! That is pretty evident by just reading a few of my posts. In my opinion Gratitude is one of the greatest virtues we can inherit. That is why  for this weeks “Happy Quotes”,  I am sharing gratitude quotes. I have compiled a list of 42 of some of my favorites! Some of my feelings on gratitude could best be described by this which focuses on the positive: { This is a wonderful time to be {Read More}

Gratitude quotes… Get an “Attitide of Gratitude”!

{download here} With Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaching I wanted to focus this weeks “happi thoughts” on one very important word: ———->> GRATITUDE <<———- On occasion, I like to set some time aside just to focus on gratitude. I even have created various gratitude journals. Sometimes I will just read some of the things I have written and ponder the things I am thankful for. I must admit that during these times it brings be to a “happi” {Read More}

Gratitude Countdown Day 1

[subscribe2]  I am going to share my last Countdown to Thanksgiving blessing with yes, the greatest blessing that has come into my life… It happened just over 30 years ago… When I was 16 years old. And I knew… This STORY would never end. got you curious?     Drumrollll……. please Awwwwwwwwww. i know.   OK, I cannot end this weeklong blog of blessings without acknowledging my verryyyy best friend, my glue, the one that keeps it all together for me. And YES! The {Read More}

Gratitude Countdown Day 2

[subscribe2]   I am grateful for Friday night date nights with my BFF hubby and grandson! I am grateful for my nieces and nephews! I am grateful for children. They make my heart very happi! I am grateful for Arizona weather this time of year!   Combine ALL of those and you have my gratitude story for today. First of all, Kirt & I usually plan a date night where we get to take our Grandson. I am grateful for {Read More}

Counting Blessings Day 3

[subscribe2]   {Everyone appreciates a fun surprise now and then. Right?}   The Other evening I was casually checking/reading my e-mails and I came across this one… Hi Jillene! We’re so excited to tell you that YOU WON!!! You’re the proud new owner of our fav things gift basket, well worth over $200!! WAHOO!!!  Congrats!!  Please send us a mailing address and we’ll ship this out tomorrow!! Thanks for following along, that means so much to us!! (: XOXO, Kelli {Read More}

“An Attitude of Gratitude” -Lets not skip Thanksgiving!

[subscribe2] One week away…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! An Attitude Of Gratitude An attitude of gratitude Should be striven for each day. This feeling of thanksgiving Is God’s chosen way. For everything you are grateful for Will increase one hundred fold. And within a humble heart God turns wishes into gold. For everyday I seem to understand My gratitude increases, So do joy and happiness While despair and pain decreases. God loves a merry heart, And He loves the humble, too. He continues {Read More}

Gratitude Quotes- Let’s not skip Thanksgiving!

[subscribe2]   Express a Thankful Heart!   I get so inspired by quotes. LOVE them! I pulled together some of my favorites to share. &&& I am going through the list to create some of my favorites as printables!   Some of my favorite gratitude quotes: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, {Read More}

Lets not skip Thanksgiving!

[subscribe2]   Two weeks from today is that very special holiday that comes before Christmas.! Yes, I am talking about Thanksgiving!!   I know we can be tempted to skip over Thanksgiving. Why not? We can give thanks everyday. Right? But lets not!   I for one LOVE the holiday season! I love decorating for Christmas and listening to Holiday music. But Thanksgiving is considered part of the broader holiday season! &&& We CAN enjoy it also!   SO…   {Read More}