November 2016 Calendar and Print

Yay! The November 2016 Calendar is here. I love November. The weather is so nice in Arizona. It actually can still be a little bit warm on November days but the evenings are cool and beautiful. Time to break out the warm drinks, s’mores and fun times around the fire! This November, I will celebrate 32 years of marriage with my sweetie. (check us out) My husbands favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and we are having a family reunion with my in {Read More}

Happiness is a choice… So why not be happy?!

3.20.2014 Guess what today is? Do you know? Well, I do, and inkhappi is very “happi” about it!  It’s International Day of Happiness! Why would we need to set aside a day for this? Well, many wont even be aware or acknowledge this day. I couldn’t let it pass by without taking an opportunity to share some thoughts on happiness. I have shared plenty on this topic in the past and I will continue to do so because that is {Read More}

2014 Annual Calendar and Some Inspirational Thoughts

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to begin a new year! Seriously. I already said this is my year. Do any of you feel that way also? I needed a 2014 annual calendar to help me prepare for the great things that are going to happen! So… Today I’m sharing a 2014 Annual Calendar! {Download HERE}  So there it is.  2014 at a glance! I’m  off and running with the “do one thing everyday that makes you happy”. It fits {Read More}

Happy Thoughts and Quotes! {8/5}

Hello August! and Hello happy thoughts and quotes sizegenetics for the week! Life gives each one of us something different everyday. Right? Its how we deal with those things that creates our own success and happiness.  At the beginning of the year I shared a memory of my father who passed away 20 years ago. He always had so many thoughts, quotes and sayings that he would repeat over and over and even became well known for many of those. {Read More}

A New Year to enjoy! 2013… Bring it!

We are well into the new year and I have gotten off to a slow start. I intend to make up for it though…   starting….   NOW!   “You don’t HAVE to, You GET to!   That’s right, I get to!   I “GET” to make the most of whatever life brings my way!    I have put a lot of thought into what I want to focus on in 2013. There are 4 key things that I need {Read More}