School Fonts… Free download links and a Printable!

Calling my fellow font addicts! In the midst of back to school happening, how awesome would it be to add some school fonts to your font collection? Well I’ve got you covered! Yeah! Here are 18 free school fonts for you to choose from: Some of these fonts are great for teaching handwriting skills with lined versions and some even have arrows to help direct the new learner. Many of these also have several versions to install on the download {Read More}

Glass Message Board and Window Markers

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Office Depot, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #inspirestudents Whats up at inkhappi today? A framed glass message board! With school back in session and in full swing in most places, I wanted to create and share something that can be used by all those teachers out there to stay organized and inspired in the classroom. I also wanted this to be {Read More}

Lunchbox Ideas and Inspirations plus a cool giveaway!

The “back to school” season has arrived and today I am going to share some  lunchbox ideas and tips to help prepare for the new school year. Like most things, planning ahead will help things run much smoother when it comes to lunchbox ideas. So here are a few tips I’ve come up with to help things run smoothly! LUNCHBOX IDEAS & TIPS 1) The first thing to think about is maybe creating a schedule ahead of time to help {Read More}

Kindness Matters. It’s a message to share!

Kindness matters. Yes it does. I am beginning a little kindness campaign at inkhappi beginning Today!  I have been sharing some back to school posts lately and I find this subject to be be so appropriate for this time of year. In fact this topic is appropriate ANY time of year. Kindness matters.Yes it does. I hear stories all of the time that break my heart where if a little kindness was implemented it could of changed a whole situation from {Read More}

Teacher Gift Idea With Printable Tags! {it’s uh-mason}

Today I am sharing a very similar post to one I recently posted about a teacher gift idea. In May at the end of the school year I shared an “uh-mason” teacher gift idea to give a drink mug to your teacher to use for a refreshing and relaxing summer. That post has been in my top posts all summer long! Now its nearing the start of a new school year and wouldn’t it be nice to let your new teacher know {Read More}

First Day of School Photo Prop Signs… Free Printables!

Hello! I’m excited to share some first day of school photo sign printables! School begins in much of Arizona this week and I know many will follow well into September. We all like to have that first day of school photo as a memory for our children each year. I thought these photo prop signs would make it easy to give us  just that! I have had these signs in the works and I was going to take photos of my niece’s {Read More}