What Christmas Means to Me …My Story

  “What Christmas Means to Me” “My Story” Sixteen years ago this month, my sister passed away from a battle with breast cancer. without going into any of the heart breaking details, I will just say it was a tough holiday season. I put a tree up with lights on it that year,  but didn’t really feel like decorating and didn’t put ANY ornaments on the tree. I actually enjoyed sitting by the tree and looking at the lights on {Read More}

Santa and Christ …Poem and a Christmas Tradition

Have you ever wondered… Santa and Christ ? How do Santa and Christ go together? How can Christmas truly encompass Santa and Christ together? What do Santa and Christ have in common? How can Christmas be celebrated with Santa and Christ both a part of it?   { I am sharing my personal experience on this and how I have celebrated the Joys of the season with plenty of room for SANTA and CHRIST }   I’m going to share {Read More}

{Christmas Traditions} and I believe…

I will share a secret about me…   I believe…   in Santa Claus!    Yep!   Ever since I can remember, I have loved Christmas and Santa has always been a part of the joy it brings to me. I remember looking in the sky on Christmas eve and believing I saw Santa Claus. I still remember the feelings I had. Happy feelings! Butterflies in my tummy feelings. Sure enough on Christmas morning, I was never disappointed! Santa always came {Read More}

What Christmas means to… Me :)

This is what Christmas means to me. The music, the laughter, the childlike innocence, lights & decorations, gifts and acts of kindness that put a smile on someone else’s face as well as our own, This is Christmas. <3 I love this time of year mostly for the extra feeling of love that is felt. This usually comes from giving and serving. This is also known as Charity. CHARITY= THE PURE LOVE OF CHRIST.   I want to share a special {Read More}