P Fonts… 32 awesome Free font downloads!

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. YEP! It’s about the letter P today. Can you compose a sentence using all words that start with a P allowing only “a” or “of” in it? Please post yours in the comment section below. I’d love to see what you come up with.  Ok here’s a simple one of my own: Practice placing plenty of pretty papers properly past a purple passageway, pretty please! Hahah. Well it made PERFECT sense to me. 😉 {Read More}

N Fonts … 30 of my top picks!

Hello! I am Sharing some new fonts today. We are halfway through the Alphabet and we are now at N fonts. So, I will share some of my top picks I have found for the letter N.  You know I love fonts, but for the first time in sharing the alphabet fonts I struggled a bit with the letter N fonts. There is just not that many out there. Hmmmm…. anyway I did still manage to round up 30 of {Read More}

Fonts… Sharing My Favorite L Fonts!

  I haven’t shared fonts in awhile and I haven’t been real consistent on a couple of things that I would like to resolve. I will be sharing my fonts on the second Monday of every Month and my Calendars on the third Monday of every Month for the rest of this year. This way you know when to expect them. I will be posting the June Calendar next Monday the 19th and the next font post will be M {Read More}

Free Font Downloads…Sharing my favorite “K” fonts!

Here we go again! I love sharing some awesome free font downloads and making it easy for you to add the ones you’d like. I’m sharing March’s batch of free font downloads and we are to now to letter…. K! The majority of my favorite K free font downloads come from 3 designers… K22= Toto@22 KB= Khrys Bosland and my very favorite, KG= Kimberly Geswein As with any fonts, please follow the designers usage agreement. And here they are! Ok, now for {Read More}