January 2017 Calendar and Print… Enjoy the Little Things!

Hello December… and HELLO January 2017 calendar! It’s here. Yep. 2017 is upon us and I have the January 2017 calendar here to help start off the year right! So here we go! A word that comes to mind when bringing in the new year is OPPORTUNITY… “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce {Read More}

Happy Thoughts and Quotes! {7/29}

I’ve got this weeks happy thoughts and quotes sizegenetics! Think… smiles! happiness! enjoy! love! life! Think about this… Has your day ever been brightened by a smile from a stranger? Have you ever wanted to cry but gathered the strength to smile instead? Have you ever wondered why “the simplest thing” brought you so much joy? Have you ever relied on something other than yourself to bring you happiness? Have you ever realized that life treats you better when you {Read More}

Inkhappi is very “happi” to announce….

Printing service for {inkhappi freebies} is now available! I have had several people inquire about this and I am proud to announce that we are now offering printing service for all our freebies.  Maybe there is that one freebie that you would LOVE to have displayed in your home right now… We can make that become a reality!! All it takes is to head over to  http://shop.inkhappi.com  and go to the FREEBIES category.  Our Freebies are all there and still FREE {Read More}

Hop Hop Hop… Hoppy Easter Prints

Here it is! A cute Easter Printable. but first… I made these cute little bunny elements for my shop. &&& They are only $1.00! or {$3.00 for commercial use} This is what i enjoy doing! {the FUN stuff} And I made this print with them {also a$1.00 in the shop}   Now for the FREEBIE! {click here for download} Awwwww I know. Cute. Right? I am really loving this one and the colors are so so so much awesome!! {that {Read More}