Online Shopping: Some of My Favorite Go To Sites!

 I have shared several affiliate links in this post. (Amazon, Creative Market, Dating Divas, POGO Pass) This is a way that inkhappi can make some extra money to keep this website going. Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I avoided the crowds this weekend and opted to stay home and get some decorating and other projects done around my house. But today, I am enjoying my “Cyber Monday“! I love to go into stores and see whats new {Read More}

N Fonts … 30 of my top picks!

Hello! I am Sharing some new fonts today. We are halfway through the Alphabet and we are now at N fonts. So, I will share some of my top picks I have found for the letter N.  You know I love fonts, but for the first time in sharing the alphabet fonts I struggled a bit with the letter N fonts. There is just not that many out there. Hmmmm…. anyway I did still manage to round up 30 of {Read More}

Free Font Downloads…Sharing my favorite “K” fonts!

Here we go again! I love sharing some awesome free font downloads and making it easy for you to add the ones you’d like. I’m sharing March’s batch of free font downloads and we are to now to letter…. K! The majority of my favorite K free font downloads come from 3 designers… K22= Toto@22 KB= Khrys Bosland and my very favorite, KG= Kimberly Geswein As with any fonts, please follow the designers usage agreement. And here they are! Ok, now for {Read More}

Salsa Recipe and Tags for your “Hottie”! {wink-wink}

Have I got one “hot” project for you today?!  Something for your “hottie”,  your “red hot lover” , or your “hot! hot! love!”.  DID I GET YOUR ATTENTION? OK, I’m talking about SALSA, What did you think? Something I’m very known for is my salsa. I went to a mini salsa making class over 20 years ago and I have taken that recipe and added my own special touch and a few changes and have been making it ever since. {Read More}

Layered Pumpkin Cream Pie and pie tags

  Todays post is all about pie! Yummy Pie!   I am excited to be teaming up with Laura from Pink Cake plate  today to share a couple of old favorite pie recipes of ours as well as some darling pie tags to label those pies for your occasion! I can’t wait to try Laura’s  “Toll House Pie”. Oh my gosh, it looks so good! Be sure to check it out on her blog HERE! Now… Get the senses going! {Read More}

Fonts! Sharing Favorite “H” Fonts!

FoNTs! “H” Fonts! Yes, its about time for some more fonts. I have shared some of my favorite fonts A-G and now we are to the H fonts.To see my other font posts go HERE. So I am proud to say that I can still be called the crazy font lady from inkhappi! Ha! Here they are!  Click the name of font below and it will take you to the  font download page! 36 Awesome “H” Fonts ………………………………………………………………….. Hippocritic Hominis {Read More}