Weight Tracking Chart… Should you or shouldn’t you?

I’m sharing a Weight Tracking Chart for those that would find it useful in your health journey.   My husband asked me if I would create a weight tracking chart for him and add a quote that was personal to him. I decided to also share one on the blog. I am currently on a weight loss journey and this is really helping me to track myself and stay motivated. I spent the last year working on some health issues that {Read More}

Thinking of You Gift Tags and Ideas to Make Someone Happy

Has anyone ever surprised you just to let you know that they were thinking of you? Or have you ever wanted to surprise someone just to know you were thinking of them? I have experienced both, and its a pretty wonderful thing! I want to be that person that person who brings joy to someone just by letting them know “I’m thinking of you”. The problem is, I am never prepared to do it when the moment strikes. Therefore I created some {Read More}

March 2015 Calendar and Print

I can’t believe I am already posting the March 2015 calendar! Seriously, where has the last few weeks gone? Honestly you guys, I am still almost a month behind in my life and trying to catch up. That move and a few other things kicked my booty recently but good news! ——->> I am seeing the light and I think I may be there by March. So good things must happen in March. Yay! I apologize to those of you who {Read More}

December 2014 Calendar is here. Yep!

This is it! I am sharing the last calendar of this year. What is going to be on your December 2014 Calendar? I can’t believe we are already planning the last month of 2014! It seems to me like we were just setting goals for the new year. This calendar is proof that we are nearing the end of the year and I have shared 11 others before it. So lets make December 2014 an awesome month!  I am going to share {Read More}

November 2014 Calendar is here!

November 2014 Calendar 🙂 November is nearly upon us so here is your November 2014 Calendar! November is one of my favorite months. I love fall and beautiful Arizona weather. I love Thanksgiving and spending special time with those I love. and I love focusing on gratitude!   Melody Beattie Says it very well when she quoted… Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion {Read More}

Positive Quotes and Thoughts {free printables}

  I am sharing some positive quotes and thoughts that can add to a happy life.  I am all about positive and lets face it, sometimes its not easy to be positive. This Post from tiny buddah gives you 10 tips to overcome negative thoughts. They are awesome tips. Being positive is a choice and it starts with our thoughts. Which brings me right to our positive quotes today… Positive Quotes #1 Keep Your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. {Read More}

Life Quotes to Bring Happiness

Its been awhile since I have shared some happy life quotes. I have had some thoughts running through my mind lately and wanted to share a few life quotes this week. Hopefully they will impact some of you in a positive way! I love how they turned out using one of my favorite color combinations for summer: White, golden yellow and charcoal. Here are todays “Life Quotes” Life Quote#1 download HERE——–>>JPEG or PDF If you have the power to make {Read More}

Sunshine Quotes and Free Printables

  Did you get your June 2014 calendar? I made such a big deal about Sunshine so I am sharing some sunshine quotes and free printables  that go along with the June calendar. About that SUNSHINE… Here is a list of 10 sunshine quotes that I found to be fun, unliftling, and definitely all about sunshine! “Sunshine Quotes” Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow. ~ Helen Keller A good laugh is sunshine in the house. ~ William Makepeace Thackeray {Read More}

Happiness is a choice… So why not be happy?!

3.20.2014 Guess what today is? Do you know? Well, I do, and inkhappi is very “happi” about it!  It’s International Day of Happiness! Why would we need to set aside a day for this? Well, many wont even be aware or acknowledge this day. I couldn’t let it pass by without taking an opportunity to share some thoughts on happiness. I have shared plenty on this topic in the past and I will continue to do so because that is {Read More}

2014 Annual Calendar and Some Inspirational Thoughts

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to begin a new year! Seriously. I already said this is my year. Do any of you feel that way also? I needed a 2014 annual calendar to help me prepare for the great things that are going to happen! So… Today I’m sharing a 2014 Annual Calendar! {Download HERE}  So there it is.  2014 at a glance! I’m  off and running with the “do one thing everyday that makes you happy”. It fits {Read More}

January 2014 Calendar is Here!

Its almost here… 2014! That means it is time for the JANUARY 2014 CALENDAR I love making the new Calendars each month and I’ll continue to share them in 2014 starting with my January 2014 Calendar. I never know how they will end up when I start creating them but I am usually pretty happy with the end result. I’ve received the nicest comments from my readers on these calendars and I know many of you look forward to them {Read More}

October 2013 Calendar is Here!

October 2013 is almost here!  That means…. Time for a new calendar! &&& Planning new adventures. :):) My monthly calendars have become one of my favorite things to post each month. Have you seen my other calendars? You can find them all HERE. Ok, here we go again. Are you ready for the October 2013 calendar? Well I’ve got it! I love Halloween and I made a spooky version of my October 2013 calendar, but I know  everyone is not into {Read More}