Kindness Begins at Home… A Coloring Page and a Message

Kindness Begins at Home Kindness Begins at Home. I’ve been wanting to share another kindness post and this topic came to me from so many directions that I just had to share. I wanted to give a fun image to go with this message of “kindness begins at home” and I came up with this fun whimsical coloring page. I think it would look pretty fabulous colored and framed and even given as a gift! In my church we visit {Read More}

Love, Laughter, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola and a whole lot of Awesome!

One of my most viewed posts is…   “A lot of diet coke”    No surprise here as diet coke gets googled often and my post shows up. and… I also listed some fun Coka-Cola facts and shared this print! {see HERE} {click here for download}    This print describes my sister quite well so I gave her this framed print for Christmas.  She text me this photo when she put it up in her home! {sorry for the low {Read More}