Robin Williams quote {free printable} in honor of his life

Yesterday the world got news of a life being taken prematurely. Robin Williams seemed to touch the lives of many generations in one way or another. Although he was mostly known for his joviality and his extraordinary comedic skills, there was also a profound and serious side to him.  I’ve heard bits and pieces about his life over the last day and there was one quote that stood out to me. Its not one of his hilarious lines, but something that I {Read More}

Gift Ideas List… Some Favorites!

Gift Ideas List!   As promised in my last post, I am sharing a gift ideas list to make gift giving a little easier.  I shared a gift idea along with over 100 other blogger in a HUGE blog hop {HERE}. Sometimes for my friends I like to give a few of my “favorite” things. Things that have been tried and true to surely put a smile on my face and I believe they will do the same for my friend. {Read More}

Party! Party! Link Party Page!

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that isn’t visible from my home page. so… To help you better understand some of those things, I am going to share some posts about my various blog pages. Today I am sharing my LINK PARTIES page. It is found on the second column of my home page navigation menu. {or CLICK HERE!}   OK, What is a Link Party? A link party is where a particular blog hosts a {Read More}