Light the World… 25 ways in 25 days. Tons of free Printables!

LIGHT the WORLD I’m sharing a free printable calendar to plan out what you’d like to do to participate in this wonderful opportunity to help Light the world! Since a new star first appeared above Bethlehem, Christmas has been a season of light, reminding us that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Together, we can celebrate His birth by making the world a brighter place. All we have to do is follow Him—His life, His example, and His {Read More}

December 2016 Calendar… Yep! The last month of 2016

Hello November, and Happy December 2016 Calendar! Yep! We are nearing the last month of 2016! For me, the excitement has begun for a new year. I always look forward to the new year and new adventures. But tor now, lets enjoy November and and start planning December with this fun December 2016 Calendar! I really like the colors in this calendar and they printed up so vibrant yet wintery. I hope you enjoy! My thought for this month is about being {Read More}

Kindness Begins at Home… A Coloring Page and a Message

Kindness Begins at Home Kindness Begins at Home. I’ve been wanting to share another kindness post and this topic came to me from so many directions that I just had to share. I wanted to give a fun image to go with this message of “kindness begins at home” and I came up with this fun whimsical coloring page. I think it would look pretty fabulous colored and framed and even given as a gift! In my church we visit {Read More}

September 2016 Calendar… There is confetti everywhere!

Yay! Its the September 2016 calendar! I love calendar time and checking in with my inner self to create the new calendar. I’ve got a fun new design and thought for you to enjoy in September. So here it is! September 2016 Calendar That’s right! BE KIND and spread HAPPINESS like confetti! Because I like FUN, of course I like confetti so I can relate to this statement. There is always room for MORE kindness in the world, right? I’m going {Read More}

LDS General Conference… October 2015 quotes and prints!

I had many requests to do LDS General Conference quotes and I’m so glad I did them! Honestly though, I think I did this more for myself than anyone else. The inspiration here is just amazing. Naturally, there are far too many good quotes than I could share so I chose those that resonated most with me or were generally great messages to be reminded of often. Its always nice to be reminded of ways we can turn to our Savior and be {Read More}

Compassion: Everyone deserves it. How the Internet Has Made Us Mean!

[Hi! My daughter Britney and I always have these deep meaningful conversations about topics that concern us or things that can help or improve our lives. Britney has a degree in literature, writing, and film. I love her writing and she is going to collaborate with me on some of these topics and my free printables by doing some of my writing. She hit the nail on the head with this post! I’m “happi” to introduce her writing skills here on {Read More}

Kindness Matters. It’s a message to share!

Kindness matters. Yes it does. I am beginning a little kindness campaign at inkhappi beginning Today!  I have been sharing some back to school posts lately and I find this subject to be be so appropriate for this time of year. In fact this topic is appropriate ANY time of year. Kindness matters.Yes it does. I hear stories all of the time that break my heart where if a little kindness was implemented it could of changed a whole situation from {Read More}

2014 Annual Calendar and Some Inspirational Thoughts

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to begin a new year! Seriously. I already said this is my year. Do any of you feel that way also? I needed a 2014 annual calendar to help me prepare for the great things that are going to happen! So… Today I’m sharing a 2014 Annual Calendar! {Download HERE}  So there it is.  2014 at a glance! I’m  off and running with the “do one thing everyday that makes you happy”. It fits {Read More}

Happy Quotes for the Week! {7/8/13}

Here are this weeks happy quotes!  Do you have a favorite? First one is another Mother Teresa quote. “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier!” {FIND IT HERE} “The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.” So true!  {FIND IT HERE} … just be happi! {FIND IT HERE} Todays to-do list: S M I L E!   {FIND IT HERE}  This one is from my freebies! You can find the {Read More}

Inspired: Mother Teresa Quotes… happiness, kindness, love and life!

{HAPPINESS} Simply the best feeling. {KINDNESS} Everybody deserves it. {LOVE} I don’t know what I’d do without it. {LIFE} Should be lived to its fullest. That being said… I love to be inspired! When it comes to being inspired, for me, Mother Teresa doesn’t disappoint! So I created a list of some favorite Mother Teresa quotes on happiness, kindness, love and life, and of course, I am sharing a freebie print to go along with it. I hope you enjoy {Read More}

Please Be Kind… for Kindness Matters {Prints}

Please be kind for kindness matters! That is the message for today. Simply put. Be kind.   I found the most amazing site called “The Random Acts of Kindness foundation” Check them out HERE They have KINDNESS IDEAS QUOTES STORIES LINKS GRAPHICS EDUCATION LESSON PLANS & CLASSROOM MATERIALS {so awesome!} and MUCH MORE! I just began following them on FB & twitter where they share daily ideas for acts of kindness {not that we should need ideas}. Opportunities are around {Read More}

Please Be Kind, for Kindness Matters! {Quotes}

I have been wanting to do a post with printables on kindness for some time now. Well, guess what? TODAY, is the day!! I am starting with some kindness quotes today, and I will share some really {CUTE} kindness printables tomorrow. Yay! I stated in an earlier post how recently I had been appalled at some unkind things that were said and done to some people I know. I have a hard time understanding these actions. Lately  I have also {Read More}