What Christmas Means to Me …My Story

  “What Christmas Means to Me” “My Story” Sixteen years ago this month, my sister passed away from a battle with breast cancer. without going into any of the heart breaking details, I will just say it was a tough holiday season. I put a tree up with lights on it that year,  but didn’t really feel like decorating and didn’t put ANY ornaments on the tree. I actually enjoyed sitting by the tree and looking at the lights on {Read More}

What Christmas means to… Me :)

This is what Christmas means to me. The music, the laughter, the childlike innocence, lights & decorations, gifts and acts of kindness that put a smile on someone else’s face as well as our own, This is Christmas. <3 I love this time of year mostly for the extra feeling of love that is felt. This usually comes from giving and serving. This is also known as Charity. CHARITY= THE PURE LOVE OF CHRIST.   I want to share a special {Read More}