Vegetarian Chili…Easy, Healthy and Delicious!

This Vegetarian Chili recipe was not a planned post…   But today I just had to share my new favorite healthy recipe for vegetarian chili. The bonus is that it’s easy, healthy and delicious! I have been on a 10 day cleanse and what I can eat is very limited. Some of the days I’m able to have lentils and vegetables and was given a recipe for a vegetarian chili. I made some adjustments to the recipe to suit my tastes and made {Read More}

Green Salad Recipes Packed with Protein and Veggies!

I love salads! Especially this time of year. I have rounded up 12 fabulous green salad recipes from Pinterest that I’m putting on my menus for the month of August! I am trying to get in a lot of protein and vegetables with my green salad so these green salad recipes include protein and vegetables! I want them to be as light as possible also so i may need to make some adjustments to some of the dressings or toppings but I think these look so Fabulous!! {Read More}