Fabulous Fathers Day Craft from 1 Simple Printable

  Yep! It’s a…. Fathers Day Craft! ūüėé I have a really awesome little project I’m sharing for a Fathers Day Craft. I know, I couldn’t even get Mothers Day over with before posting this but I¬†have a reason for that. This Fathers day craft is part of a “Craft Lightening” group of posts that will be seen on several blogs. Today is my day to post. There will be many Fathers Day crafts featured as part of these Craft {Read More}

Cream of {wonderful} Broccoli Soup… My easy go to recipe!

Hello!   Cream of {Wonderful} Broccoli Soup! This is one of my go to meals and I’m sharing the recipe here today along with a blog hop of  50 other easy weeknight meals organized by Sarah Desjardins of Becoming Martha.  Here is my contribution: I’m sharing this recipe that has seen many days in our kitchen. There is something about a good soup served in a bread bowl that is a must for my fall menu planning. Fall is my favorite time to make {Read More}

Big Rice Krispie Kiss! {for Daddy or someone special}

Ok… I’ve got one last Fathers Day Post. It’s for a great big rice krispie kiss! This is another idea that is quick, easy and yummy… my favorite combination!! When I was a child I learned this tune and would always sing it to my daddy for Fathers Day. I would even sing it to him when it wasn’t Fathers day! I would climb up on his lap and do the actions that go with this tune. I‚Äôm so glad {Read More}

Green Beans Almondine … Mmmm Quick, Easy, Delicious!

Can you believe I am sharing another recipe today? I am going to admit that this Green Beans Almondine dish is just too hard to pass up and not share! Being an empty nester with a husband who works a very busy schedule¬†paired with my odd schedule means that I don’t do much cooking. That has not always been the story though. I am very comfortable in the kitchen and have a few dishes that are termed my “signature dishes”. {Read More}

Caprese Pasta Salad… Fresh, Easy, Quick, and Yummy!

There are a few things I am very well¬†known for with¬†my friends family and today I am sharing one of those things… Pasta salad! What were you thinking it would be? OK, yes I am known to be a bit outspoken, enthusiastic, very honest and I like to have FUN, but today I am talking about PASTA SALAD!   Usually when I make pasta salad it is for a crowd. Last month I made it 3 times. A ginormous batch {Read More}

Fried Ice Cream …But it’s better, and it’s un-fried!

Who likes ¬†fried ice cream? (raises hand) Me!¬† Today I am sharing one of my favorite desserts that I don’t seem to make often enough.¬†This “better than fried, un-fried ice cream will make an awesome¬†Cinco De Mayo¬†treat, a wonderful Mothers day dessert, or its great in the summer or really any time of the year!¬†If you like fried ice cream then I am almost certain you will love this recipe! I made over 200 servings of this for a banquet {Read More}