LDS General Conference… October 2015 quotes and prints!

I had many requests to do LDS General Conference quotes and I’m so glad I did them! Honestly though, I think I did this more for myself than anyone else. The inspiration here is just amazing. Naturally, there are far too many good quotes than I could share so I chose those that resonated most with me or were generally great messages to be reminded of often. Its always nice to be reminded of ways we can turn to our Savior and be {Read More}

Because of Him …Some Easter Thoughts

Because of Him I wanted to share some Easter thoughts of a spiritual nature. I have taken some time to focus a bit more on Jesus with Easter just a few days away. I love all the fun and whimsical things that are a part of Easter but I also love the spirit of the real meaning of Easter.  Life is busy. Sometimes we need to slow down and focus on whats really important. I took an opportunity this last weekend to do {Read More}

LDS General Conference Quotes…Uplifted and Inspired!

Sharing some wonderful General Conference quotes for my happy thoughts this week! For me, being spiritually uplifted is an important part of bringing balance in my life. Every six months I have the opportunity to get inspired and spiritually uplifted by watching the semi-annual LDS General Conference. There are so many General Conference quotes that live with me until it is time for another “recharge”.  You can see my April 2013 General Conference quotes HERE. 🙂 These General Conference quotes are {Read More}