Encouraging Thoughts to Motivate and Inspire!

I love sharing encouraging thoughts because they give me something to focus on.  They also help to motivate me to become a better person. My monthly calendars tend to be some of my most popular posts. With each calendar I share an encouraging thought and a printable to go along with the calendar. Once the month is over, some of these prints get overlooked so I am sharing the encouraging thoughts from the first six months in 2015.   6 Encouraging Thoughts… {Read More}

Free Printable Coloring Pages oh so fun and inspiring!

  More free printable coloring pages are here!   Would you like some free printable coloring pages? I’m currently at SNAP conference and I made up these cute little coloring pages to hand out with my business cards. I refer to them as a coloring “party” waiting to happen. 🙂 I hope my blogging buddies like them! My daughter and I were packaging these for my blog conference and we were dying to color them but I’ve been too busy to do {Read More}

Enjoy Life! Four Printable quotes…

Summertime…. What is it about summertime that adds that carefree element that says it’s time to ENJOY LIFE! For me I think its hearing the laughter of children more often, and the sun staying up longer. Its playing new fun music in the car and enjoying some type of water activities.  Lately I have gotten a little lost in the thrill of summer. I have thrown caution to the wind so to speak a bit and just taken some time {Read More}

Because of Him …Some Easter Thoughts

Because of Him I wanted to share some Easter thoughts of a spiritual nature. I have taken some time to focus a bit more on Jesus with Easter just a few days away. I love all the fun and whimsical things that are a part of Easter but I also love the spirit of the real meaning of Easter.  Life is busy. Sometimes we need to slow down and focus on whats really important. I took an opportunity this last weekend to do {Read More}

A New Year to enjoy! 2013… Bring it!

We are well into the new year and I have gotten off to a slow start. I intend to make up for it though…   starting….   NOW!   “You don’t HAVE to, You GET to!   That’s right, I get to!   I “GET” to make the most of whatever life brings my way!    I have put a lot of thought into what I want to focus on in 2013. There are 4 key things that I need {Read More}