Thinking of You Gift Tags and Ideas to Make Someone Happy

Has anyone ever surprised you just to let you know that they were thinking of you? Or have you ever wanted to surprise someone just to know you were thinking of them? I have experienced both, and its a pretty wonderful thing! I want to be that person that person who brings joy to someone just by letting them know “I’m thinking of you”. The problem is, I am never prepared to do it when the moment strikes. Therefore I created some {Read More}

Neighbor Gift Idea for the Holidays and Free Printable Gift Tags

I’m sharing some awesome holiday neighbor gift ideas!     I know it’s not always easy figuring out what to do for neighbors, co-workers, and other miscellaneous people on your gift list. I love when an idea is presented to me and all the figuring out and part of the work is done for me. That’s why this post is so awesome! I’m not only sharing my own idea, but I’ve also joined several other bloggers in a blog hop {Read More}

Teacher Appreciation “Minty” Gift Idea and Printable Tags!

It is with much excite”mint” that I share this post with you today! he he he  Happy Teacher Appreciation week! Teachers really do an amazing service to our society. After all, our future generations are in their care for many hours a day! When I think of teachers, I think of all the COMMITMENT, INVOLVEMENT, and ENCOURAGEMENT and DEVELOPMENT they give. Don’t you think they deserve a COMPLIMENT? SO… I have created a gift idea and printale git tags that will give you {Read More}

Birthday Gift Basket Idea with Free Printables

  February is Birthday Month for my family and I just got done celebrating my daughter and hubby’s birthdays. I have some birthday gift basket ideas that I did this year for them and I thought I’d share my daughters here today. Because she was an only child, we had a lot of parties for my daughter growing up and I usually did it up big. I’m thinking I should share her sweet 16 on here — it was AhhhhMAZing! Birthdays {Read More}

Fall printable gift tags to show your gratitude!

 Fall printable gift tags and a blog hop! Hello! Today I am sharing some Fall printable gift tags with you! I have always had the attitude that sharing is caring. I care about YOU and I love to share. We are all busy but sometimes it’s really nice to take some time to share with others and let them know we appreciate them and show our thanks or gratitude for them. Fall is a great time to do this. I’m {Read More}

Teacher Gift Idea With Printable Tags! {it’s uh-mason}

Today I am sharing a very similar post to one I recently posted about a teacher gift idea. In May at the end of the school year I shared an “uh-mason” teacher gift idea to give a drink mug to your teacher to use for a refreshing and relaxing summer. That post has been in my top posts all summer long! Now its nearing the start of a new school year and wouldn’t it be nice to let your new teacher know {Read More}

Gift Ideas List… Some Favorites!

Gift Ideas List!   As promised in my last post, I am sharing a gift ideas list to make gift giving a little easier.  I shared a gift idea along with over 100 other blogger in a HUGE blog hop {HERE}. Sometimes for my friends I like to give a few of my “favorite” things. Things that have been tried and true to surely put a smile on my face and I believe they will do the same for my friend. {Read More}

Gift Ideas of Your favorite Things and Printable Gift Tags

  Hello! I’m beyond “happi”  to share today 101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends, including my gift ideas of  your favorite things and printable gift tags.  I am joining forces with Kristen Duke in her Birthday Celebration Week along with over 100 talented bloggers sharing lots of inexpensive ideas and free printables! All week long, Kristen is sharing birthday tips and giveaways so be sure to check out her Party. Happy “Happi” Birthday Kristen! Sometimes it is hard to come up with gift {Read More}

Fathers Day Gift Tags for a “Sweet” Gift!

Fathers  Day Countdown… less than 2 weeks away! I think Fathers Day is a real important occasion so I want to share some printable Fathers Day gift tags to go with a “Sweet” gift for our dads out there. I couldn’t let Fathers Day come without sharing some new printables this year. So I have a few ideas for Fathers that I will be sharing this week starting with these tags:   Its safe to say that most Dads like homemade sweets. So {Read More}

Easter Gift Tags to Help “Wrap it Pretty”!

If you are looking for some cute easter gift tags {free printables} to add to some gifts then you are at the right place! With easter just a week away, wouldn’t it be nice to surprise someone with an “eggcellent” little gift to wish them a “Hoppy Easter”. I know pretty cheesy right? But really, there are a lot of fun egg treats such as chocolate marshmallow eggs and Reeces peanut butter eggs. MmmMmm. If you’d like to share a {Read More}

Jelly Bean Thoughts for Easter & Free Printable Gift Tags!

  What is it about the  jelly bean that make them so special this time of year? I mean jelly beans are around all year long but something about spring and Easter just makes them extra special. In fact, I don’t really like jelly beans except for maybe Jolly Rancher & Jelly Bellies, oh and Starburst and ummmm… Ok I guess I like jelly beans ha! They certainly seem to be a must purchase sometime during the spring season. How {Read More}

Love Print Roundup… {Over 50} Great Gift Ideas!

Wow, over 50 love prints!   I didn’t realize how many prints I have concerning love!    I have over {60} love related printables! Sooo… I thought I’d round most of these love prints for you in one place to easily find and view them all if you’d like. Love is in the air you know and it’s the key ingredient in life. Some of the best quotes, sayings, and scriptures out there concern love. Everyone NEEDS LOVE. Right? So let’s {Read More}