Gratitude Quotes …for Gratitude is a Tremendous Virtue!

Gratitude Quotes! I love quotes! That is pretty evident by just reading a few of my posts. In my opinion Gratitude is one of the greatest virtues we can inherit. That is why  for this weeks “Happy Quotes”,  I am sharing gratitude quotes. I have compiled a list of 42 of some of my favorites! Some of my feelings on gratitude could best be described by this which focuses on the positive: { This is a wonderful time to be {Read More}

Pretty Fall Printables great for framing or gifting!

The fall gift tags I recently shared have been very popular here on the blog. I decided to share some 8×10 pretty Fall Printables based upon the same designs today!  As much as I  love halloween, I am also very glad it is over! I am ready to move on to Fall and gear up for the upcoming Holidays! I think these Fall Printables are just the thing to help me move on! If you know me from past years, then you may {Read More}

Gratitude gift tags and ideas!

 Gratitude gift tags and ideas! {Show your gratitude with a gift! Sharing some free gratitude gift tags and ideas.}   “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”   With Thanksgiving coming up, what a great opportunity we have to express gratitude. Sometimes just a simple gesture or sentiment can make someones day. I am sharing some tags and ideas that can help you to do just that!  I am all about being {Read More}