Birthday Gift Basket Idea with Free Printables

  February is Birthday Month for my family and I just got done celebrating my daughter and hubby’s birthdays. I have some birthday gift basket ideas that I did this year for them and I thought I’d share my daughters here today. Because she was an only child, we had a lot of parties for my daughter growing up and I usually did it up big. I’m thinking I should share her sweet 16 on here — it was AhhhhMAZing! Birthdays {Read More}

Birthday Celebrations with some Birthday Posters!

A post about BIRTHDAYS! February is birthday month in my family. Today is my daughters birthday and one week from today is my bffhubby’s 50th birthday! To honor my daughter today, I am sharing something about her, thus also about me! My daughter is an amazing girl and she has accomplished a lot in her 24 years. She was married shortly after high school and went on to get her bachelors degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude. She did this all {Read More}

Creative & Fun Cash Gift With Free Printable

Cash. Cash gift. Who wouldn’t want it? Recently, I had a couple of gifts to give and I wanted to give them cash because I felt they would be most excited about cash. But when I give a gift I like it to have a personal touch, so…. This is what I came up with for my cash gifts. The first one was a birthday gift for my niece who was turning 21 and I thought 21 $$ bills would {Read More}

Happy Birthday to ME! {with free Birthday Poster}

Yep! You got it! TODAY is MY Birthday!   It’s not just ANY birthday… wait for it…. ………………………. It’s my 50th Birthday! You only turn 50 once so I decided to live it up this week. …AND next week too! Really. Soooo, anyone who knows me very well knows that I DO NOT like to draw attention to myself. I decided to throw that out the window along with a little humility this time and  SHOUT IT OUT! I AM {Read More}

4 Years Ago… Blast from the past! :)

Ok so It’s Natalies birthday today and I remembered this post I had written 4 years ago on my personal blog. Thought I’d share it today as a  “Blast from the Past” Some things have changed in 4 years. Well, actually a lot of things have changed! but… Natalie is still the same girl I described here.  So.. Happy Happy  23rd Birthday Girl! Enjoy my BLAST FROM THE PAST! Natalie Morgan Wall PETERSEN I love this girl! She really is {Read More}

It’s a Happy Birthday! {A-B-C style}

In February 1964, on Friday the 13th, my greatest blessing in life was born…     Happy Happy Birthday to my: Adventurous BRAVE Cool dedicated  extraordinary FABULOUS good looking hardworking intelligent Jillene<3Lover kind loving manly nice… {Niiiiice!} OUTSTANDING Perserverant quiet righteous strong tenderhearted understanding very… oh so verrry WONDERFUL eXtra-eXtra Yummy {ok it’s Y} AmaZzzzzing BFF hubby!!   Every year I have tried to do a poster for the birthday boy/girl in my family. Here is this years: This print {Read More}