What Christmas Means to Me …My Story

  “What Christmas Means to Me” “My Story” Sixteen years ago this month, my sister passed away from a battle with breast cancer. without going into any of the heart breaking details, I will just say it was a tough holiday season. I put a tree up with lights on it that year,  but didn’t really feel like decorating and didn’t put ANY ornaments on the tree. I actually enjoyed sitting by the tree and looking at the lights on {Read More}

Light the World… 25 ways in 25 days. Tons of free Printables!

LIGHT the WORLD I’m sharing a free printable calendar to plan out what you’d like to do to participate in this wonderful opportunity to help Light the world! Since a new star first appeared above Bethlehem, Christmas has been a season of light, reminding us that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Together, we can celebrate His birth by making the world a brighter place. All we have to do is follow Him—His life, His example, and His {Read More}

Oh Holy Night …Christmas activity, and a free printable!

Jesus is the Reason for the Season. A Christmas activity and printable adapted from the Christmas carol “Oh Holy Night”. This is what I refer to as my spiritual Christmas post and my way of sharing what Christmas means to me. Since I have been blogging in the last couple of years I always try to share a post about something that motivates and inspires the true meaning of Christmas for me. The last couple of years I have shared a {Read More}

Because of Him …Some Easter Thoughts

Because of Him I wanted to share some Easter thoughts of a spiritual nature. I have taken some time to focus a bit more on Jesus with Easter just a few days away. I love all the fun and whimsical things that are a part of Easter but I also love the spirit of the real meaning of Easter.  Life is busy. Sometimes we need to slow down and focus on whats really important. I took an opportunity this last weekend to do {Read More}

Jelly Bean Thoughts for Easter & Free Printable Gift Tags!

  What is it about the  jelly bean that make them so special this time of year? I mean jelly beans are around all year long but something about spring and Easter just makes them extra special. In fact, I don’t really like jelly beans except for maybe Jolly Rancher & Jelly Bellies, oh and Starburst and ummmm… Ok I guess I like jelly beans ha! They certainly seem to be a must purchase sometime during the spring season. How {Read More}

Santa and Christ …Poem and a Christmas Tradition

Have you ever wondered… Santa and Christ ? How do Santa and Christ go together? How can Christmas truly encompass Santa and Christ together? What do Santa and Christ have in common? How can Christmas be celebrated with Santa and Christ both a part of it?   { I am sharing my personal experience on this and how I have celebrated the Joys of the season with plenty of room for SANTA and CHRIST }   I’m going to share {Read More}

{Christmas Traditions} and I believe…

I will share a secret about me…   I believe…   in Santa Claus!    Yep!   Ever since I can remember, I have loved Christmas and Santa has always been a part of the joy it brings to me. I remember looking in the sky on Christmas eve and believing I saw Santa Claus. I still remember the feelings I had. Happy feelings! Butterflies in my tummy feelings. Sure enough on Christmas morning, I was never disappointed! Santa always came {Read More}

What Christmas means to… Me :)

This is what Christmas means to me. The music, the laughter, the childlike innocence, lights & decorations, gifts and acts of kindness that put a smile on someone else’s face as well as our own, This is Christmas. <3 I love this time of year mostly for the extra feeling of love that is felt. This usually comes from giving and serving. This is also known as Charity. CHARITY= THE PURE LOVE OF CHRIST.   I want to share a special {Read More}