Kindness Begins at Home… A Coloring Page and a Message

Kindness Begins at Home Kindness Begins at Home. I’ve been wanting to share another kindness post and this topic came to me from so many directions that I just had to share. I wanted to give a fun image to go with this message of “kindness begins at home” and I came up with this fun whimsical coloring page. I think it would look pretty fabulous colored and framed and even given as a gift! In my church we visit {Read More}

Kindness Matters. It’s a message to share!

Kindness matters. Yes it does. I am beginning a little kindness campaign at inkhappi beginning Today!  I have been sharing some back to school posts lately and I find this subject to be be so appropriate for this time of year. In fact this topic is appropriate ANY time of year. Kindness matters.Yes it does. I hear stories all of the time that break my heart where if a little kindness was implemented it could of changed a whole situation from {Read More}

Please Be Kind… for Kindness Matters {Prints}

Please be kind for kindness matters! That is the message for today. Simply put. Be kind.   I found the most amazing site called “The Random Acts of Kindness foundation” Check them out HERE They have KINDNESS IDEAS QUOTES STORIES LINKS GRAPHICS EDUCATION LESSON PLANS & CLASSROOM MATERIALS {so awesome!} and MUCH MORE! I just began following them on FB & twitter where they share daily ideas for acts of kindness {not that we should need ideas}. Opportunities are around {Read More}

Please Be Kind, for Kindness Matters! {Quotes}

I have been wanting to do a post with printables on kindness for some time now. Well, guess what? TODAY, is the day!! I am starting with some kindness quotes today, and I will share some really {CUTE} kindness printables tomorrow. Yay! I stated in an earlier post how recently I had been appalled at some unkind things that were said and done to some people I know. I have a hard time understanding these actions. Lately  I have also {Read More}

How could someone be so mean?

Why?  WHY BE MEAN?! This last week I have heard a few stories of people being downright mean. Seriously. And It breaks my heart hearing stories of racism, harassment, child abuse, teens taking their lives due to bullying, people writing mean stuff on photos of someone they know, and the list goes on… When I hear these stories my thought process is, “How could someone be so mean?”. I really don’t get it! So I am sharing a couple of {Read More}