Love Print Roundup… {Over 50} Great Gift Ideas!

Wow, over 50 love prints!   I didn’t realize how many prints I have concerning love!    I have over {60} love related printables! Sooo… I thought I’d round most of these love prints for you in one place to easily find and view them all if you’d like. Love is in the air you know and it’s the key ingredient in life. Some of the best quotes, sayings, and scriptures out there concern love. Everyone NEEDS LOVE. Right? So let’s {Read More}

No one quite like her…

Mae West.   “Vaudeville Performer, Playwright, Broadway Sensation, Movie Star, Sex Goddess…Mae West was each of these things, but first and foremost she was an independent woman who became an icon simply by being herself.” {Taken from the biography on her official site. Click HERE} She was known for some memorable lines with lots of spunk and character such as… “When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better. ” “I’ll try anything once, twice if I {Read More}

“To love and be loved”

As you know… I LOVE Quotes.   &&& I LOVE Love!   so… Here is 14 quotes about  LOVE!!   Many of these can be very thought provoking if you take a moment to ponder them, you may unlock some secrets to… “Love and be Loved”     Here they are!   And, as always, here are some free printables for your personal use! {Click HERE for download} {Click HERE for download} {Click HERE for download}   Enjoy!   Jillene {Read More}

It’s a Love Story! {Famous movie quotes}

Happy February!    Are we ready for lots of hearts, red things, love notes, sweet things…   &&&   Love Stories?!!   I’ve been making a list of some of my favorite love stories so I can watch a few {hopefully with my sweetie} this month. 🙂   I also compiled a list of some of my favorite lines from these movies! What movie of all of these have I watched the most, and is considered mine & the bffhubs “Movie”???   {Read More}