A letter to Santa… for Adults! (wink, wink)


I am back!

I took a little break to enjoy my 28th Wedding Anniversary and get a start on my Christmas 2012.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with Family on Thursday and then headed up to our little cottage up in Lakeside for a few days. We love our getaways up there. They have nice movie theaters so we can catch up on the latest movies, some really great little cafe’s and restaurants, and some really fun antique, thrift shops and boutiques! Our place is nestled among the pine trees and has a peaceful and serene feeling. This time up there it got down below 30 degrees so we got in some extra cuddle time! It was one of the better anniversary celebrations we have had.

I am learning to take more time to ENJOY life, after all that is my motto right?!! I hated to see it end, but I came home a

“happi” girl!


While we were away we did a little shopping, as best we could in that area. We enjoyed the antique shops and some boutiques and we even hit up Big 5 Sporting goods, their new Ross, Dollar Store and Lowes on black Friday and scored some goods without too much craziness or lines! {hahah yep. Thats about as big as it gets in Show Low}We discussed our holiday plans and wishes. We are not big on surprise gifts to each other most of the year as we enjoy spending time and shopping together, but for Christmas we like to surprise each other! Last year my BFFhubby hit a grand slam in both the gift department and the way he presented it! Seriously!


This year he is extra busy at work and  he informed me that he wanted to do something nice for me but he might need a little help…

I must also add that we DO believe in Santa Claus!


…which brought me to this thought!

{You know, we are empty nesters and we have to get a little creative sometimes to keep things exciting around here-hahah}

I am sure young parents and singles can even benefit from this idea of mine.


“Why not write an Adult letter to Santa?”


So I wrote a letter that can be adapted to your own style and wishes.

You can make it sweet, funny, steamy, naughty or just plain nice!

But I don’t think I would let my child use it as a guide for their letter to Santa. {just sayin’}

So for all you adults who would like to have some fun with this, feel free to download a copy for your own use.

It is formatted to print up on 8.5 x 11 paper. 

{Santa letter for adults}



……..there is a 2013 version……..

Find it HERE!

……the 2014 version is now out too…….

Find that one HERE

A letter to Santa... for adults {wink-wink} Mad lib style!  This includes 2012. 2013, and now 2014 versions!!




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  1. Hahaha oh my gosh I am DYING! I’m totally printing these off for Jess and I. How fun!

    • Funny story… Jenell text me this morning and said, “I love that letter but I kept thinking of how YOU would fill it out instead of me.” hahah Then she said it might be the only thing B gets this year. LOL


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