A Peek Into My Guest Bathroom And How I Get It Guest Ready

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Are you ready for a sneak peek into my guest bathroom? 


I have some ideas for having your bathroom ready for guests at all times. We tend to get extra guests around the holidays and I’m sharing some easy tips for staying on top of things and being prepared for those guests!

Guest bathroom Ideas and 5 Tips for getting your bathroom guest ready

Sneak peek! Ok, you know I had to get a decorative ampersand into my home somewhere, right? So here it is and I love it! I’m still in the first year in my home and I have many projects still to be done so I can’t say that this room is complete but for now it works. I really had to get used to a lot smaller guest bathroom in this home so I had my hubby put in these wonderful shelves to maximize the small space. And I LOVE them too! Now see how I get it guest ready!

Guest bathroom Ideas and 5 Tips for getting your bathroom guest ready

5 Tips For Getting Your Guest Bathroom Guest Ready!

For me it all started at Costco. I love the convenience of getting all my cleaning supplies and paper goods at Costco and I know the bulk items will last a while meaning less trips to the store or running out of supplies, especially during the holidays. The 5 tips I’m sharing today include these 5 products from Procter & Gamble:

Charmin Bath Tissue— because it’s the softest!

Bounty Paper Towels— because they are the strongest!

Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths— because they’re quick and effective!

Febreze Room Sprays— because who doesn’t want to get rid of bad odors?!!

Gain Laundry Detergent— I’ve used this for years. It cleans great and the wonderful fragrance permeates my home!

And the awesome part is that they can all be found at Costco near the back of the store on two rows right by each other. Can you say “In and out of Costco in 10 minutes”? Hahah well it is possible!

Guest bathroom Ideas and 5 Tips for getting your bathroom guest ready @Costco #ad #HostingHacks


There are a few things that are important to me in a bathroom. I like it…



With a good supply of TP handy

To have a nice fragrance or spray

…and I bet your guests would appreciate that also!

So here are some quick and easy things I did to accomplish that!


#1 I got a cute basket to store extra rolls of toilet paper. (that way guests don’t have to snoop in your cabinets when they run out- wink wink) There it is, right by that awesome ampersand!


#2. I got a paper towel holder and use the paper towels by the sink for drying hands. This serves several purposes. It’s sanitary and keeps germs from passing along. You can also use them to wipe the sink clean. Yep! It also keeps your towels clean longer. 🙂 Winning!

Guest bathroom Ideas and 5 Tips for getting your bathroom guest ready

#3 Have you tried Swiffer Sweepers and Wet Mopping Pads? I love the convenience of these and they really work without getting out the mop bucket. The wet ones even have a scrubber on them for set in messes. You can really have your floor clean and smelling wonderful in about 5 minutes. Just ask my cute hubby… he cleaned for me! (by the way we have new floors on our list of upcoming home improvements)

Guest bathroom Ideas and 5 Tips for getting your bathroom guest ready

#4 Febreze. Don’t be caught in your home (or someone else’s) without it. Enough said! Oh wait. By the way,  they have some really great holiday scents out right now too. ***”happi” dance***

Guest bathroom Ideas and 5 Tips for getting your bathroom guest ready

#5 My last tip also has to do with fresh and clean. Get a good fresh smelling detergent that cleans well for the bath towels and washcloths. I have used Gain for years and I love love love how awesome it smells. I actually have had company in my home tell me how my home has a pleasant signature fragrance. You know what it is? My laundry detergent! Find one that makes you happy and treat your guests to it. I also like to keep a basket of fresh washcloths handy for guests to use if they’d like.

Guest bathroom Ideas and 5 Tips for getting your bathroom guest ready

I know there are many more tips I could share but I hope these five may make a difference for you as they have for me.

Thanks for the visit!

Do you have a tip for getting ready for guests? 

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  1. Your bathroom looks so welcoming! I love how you’ve really taken advantage of your small space with such a lovely design. Great tips for being prepared for guests and every day too! #client

  2. Oh my goodness, this bathroom is so cute! I love your tips. I couldn’t live without my swiffer and I want those holiday febreze sprays!

  3. I love that you put your hubby to work! Thanks for the great ideas. I’m heading to Costco this weekend and have added some of these to my list!

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