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Let inkhappi put the {i} in happy for you with one of many free printables shared on a regular basis. You will find several quotes and inspirational prints, holiday ideas and printables, gift ideas, recipes, home decor ideas and so much more! 

All about {ME} & {inkhappi}

…the long version…

“Life is to be enjoyed…not just endured.” That’s my motto and inkhappi is my way of sharing this with the world. I love to be inspired and, in turn, I would love to inspire others through inkhappi. Inkhappi puts the {i} in happi giving you the chance to create happ{i}ness with whatever inspires you!

Grandma & Grandpa's pride and JOY!

Grandma & Grandpa’s pride and JOY!

Hi! I’m Jillene, an {almost} 50-year-old recent empty nester, pursuing my dreams as I enter this next stage in my life.  I believe that life is to be enjoyed. I am enthusiastic, fun, and happy. I love to make others happy as well. I hope to be able to put my talents to good use in order to inspire, encourage, and help others. I love to be creative and I am ready to  [C R E A T E] !

Since the time I was 17, I’ve spent time managing a retail clothing chain (particularly enjoying the merchandising & display aspects), owned my own crafting/decor retail business, and helped manage a cabinet business with my husband. I was a homemaker and wife, but my most important job was being a very involved mother to my only child, Britney. She is now married, giving us a wonderful Son in law and a 2 year old grandson who brings me JOY beyond measure!

So now Kirt and I are empty nesters and with many past experiences behind me I am now able to…

  pursue my next big adventure:



Kirt, whom I refer to as my BFhubby because he is not only my best friend, but also my boyfriend and husband, supports me in all I do. I definitely lucked out in the husband department. This man is so good to me; sometimes I think I am a “princess wife”. As a carpenter in the cabinet business, he can do anything with a piece of wood and is an overall handyman… MY handyman. Yay!

Me & My BFFHubby :)

Me & My BFFHubby 🙂

I thrive on creativity!! Over the years, I have developed an immense interest and education in graphic design. I have created a bajillion (ok, an exaggeration) invitations, posters, prints, etc. I’ve made many mistakes along the way but through it all I have learned and grown immensely. I can be a bit indecisive at times and I don’t like steps. I just want to skip to the end and see the results! (Reminder: patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue).I am working on that and I do plan on taking this step by step and see where it takes me! I love to help others by adding my special touch, whether it is graphic design, a home décor project, a wedding, shower, party, or other event.

What puts the {i} in happi for me…

MY BFhubby 🙂
Britney, Jesse, & lil Ry guy
Adventures with my grandson
Exclamation points! && Ampersands!


Being a grandma, a mother, an aunt, a sister, a friend, a wife

Crushed ice

Favorite designers such as Mary Engelbreit & Betsey Johnson

Weekends at “the cottage” with my BFhubby



GIRLFRIENDS…. GNO, lunches, sisters, shopping


CAKE… in any form… MmmmMmm


Seeing OTHERS happi 🙂

…just to name a few!

Here’s to creating things that will make both others and myself HAPPY! Inkhappi puts the {i} in happi giving you the chance to create happ{i}ness with whatever inspires you!

I’d love to share some decorating or presentation tips with you. I can help add a special touch to your party, event, or holiday. Let me create a framed print with a “QUOTE” that will inspire you, or let me help you [CREATE] an inspiration board to keep happ{i} in your life and those around you! Feel free to browse around or email me: jillene@inkhappi.com.


Thanks for stopping by!




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