Crafting with LETTERS… and a “happi”, meaningful result!

Super easy method of crafting with letters by adding glitter or paper


Today I am sharing a crafting with Letters project as part of a “Craft Month A to Z” sponsored by Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain. I have gotten to know Stephanie this last year through blogging and I adore her and her blog. She shares some awesome crafts, fabulous ideas and some fun videos! For this post , 26 bloggers came together and chose a letter that would represent a craft project and share them over 4 weeks during National Craft Month. This is the second week representing G-M. So there are six other fun crafts besides my own represented today

So… I chose “L” 


Crafting with letters... Gold glitter and textured paper letters for my studio!

I’m going to show you a couple of methods that I used to create these fun textured letters out of  9″ white wood letters I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I am not kidding you when I say this was so so easy. All 7 letters took me about a half hour to complete.


I wanted the letters to be gold to match a project for my studio and I had some gold glitter in 2 shades. I mixed them to get the perfect combo. I also had some rolls of pretty handmade textured paper that I picked up at Michaels a while back know ing I wanted to do something fun with it. With those handy, all I needed was some glue which I used some Martha Stewart gel glue that works well with glitter and also some mod podge (with a brush). They both worked the same and you only need one or the other to do both projects. Grab some scissors and a pencil and you are ready to go!



Wooden Letters


Paper of choice

Glue or Mod Podge

Clear coat spray paint



Sanding paper (optional)

The first method is glitter.


Super easy method of crafting with letters by adding glitter or paper

If your letters have a slick paint coat you may need to sand it down a bit first. That way the glue and glitter will stick better. I needed to do that with my letters and learned the hard way by needing two coats of glitter. Add the glue to your letters and pour a generous amount of glitter to cover the letters. Shake off excess glitter and spray a very light coat of clear coat spray paint to set glitter. (If you spray too much it may dull your glitter). That is it!

Super easy method of crafting with letters by adding glitter or paper
Now for the paper letters:

Super easy method of crafting with letters by adding glitter or paper

All you need to do is turn the letter front side down on the back of the paper you are using. If there is a pattern on your paper make sure you check that it is the right direction or placed where you’d like the pattern to be on your letter. Take your pencil and trace the letter right up against the edge of the paper. Cut the paper out on the lines you traced and glue it to the top side of your letter. Success, you are done!

Super easy method of crafting with letters by adding glitter or paper

How awesome is this? I am so happy with the results I got and I can’t wait to show you in a future post what I end up doing with them. For now, this is all you get to see!

Super easy method of crafting with letters by adding glitter or paper


Ok,  I know this is a bit of a “teaser” because I crafted up seven letters but I am only showing a few of them today. It creates a word for an upcoming post, and also will be displayed in my studio space I am currently decorating and will show in a future post as well.  That is where my “happi” meaningful result comes into play! So Stay tuned for a couple of more updates with these letters! Let me know in the comments if you thnk you know what they spell. {wink-wink}


NOW, there are 6 other post you can visit to get more of your crafty inspiration on. After all it is National Crafting Month!




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  1. Oh those are so pretty! They’d be great to spell out a name in one of my kids’ rooms 🙂 Thanks for joining my series!

    • Thanks Steph! I really felt that my use for them deserved another blog post so stay tuned to what I do. Can’t wait!! Thanks for giving me that boost to get this project done too! 🙂

  2. Sarah Hastings says:

    Oh how exciting, I can’t wait to see the rest!! I love all of your ideas and am always looking forward to your next project!

  3. Hi Jillene.
    Love this idea. I used 6 inch wood letters to make a word display for a friend of mine’s housewarming party. I found it was easier for me to put the glue on the right side of the letter and glue it to the paper.(I got 8 1/2 x 11 paper at the local craft store in red glitter, so I didn’t have to make a mess with regular glitter. (I tend to make big messes with glitter sometimes and this was easier.) Then used a craft knife to cut off the excess paper. I had too much trouble trying to cut the paper first and then glue it to the letter. Good thing I bought extra paper. LOL 🙂

    • I bet they turned out great Renee! I thought to use that same method first and then decided to do it the way I did for the materials I was using. My paper was fairly delicate and this worked out great and I already had a lot of glitter on hand but I agree the glitter paper would be much cleaner! I had quite the glitter party with 3 of my letters and its still hanging out here and there! 🙂

  4. I forgot to say the wood letters were unfinished. 🙂


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