February Calendar and Printable is Here!

The last few days have been a little crazy. I was planning to design my February Calendar and get it posted on Friday when an unfortunate incident caused my computer to crash. Pretty scary for me because I do so much with my beloved Ms i-mac and I think she carries most of my livelihood. So I thought I’d share a bit of advice…

#1 If you are planning to install OS X Mavericks on your computer, first run a diagnostic check to make sure you don’t have any damaged files. Apparently unbeknownst to me, I did, which caused my computer to crash in the process. This is a terrible flaw that Apple should deal with though because I couldn’t believe how many people dealt with this same issue just like me. It required me to erase my hard drive before I could get back into my computer!

Now for the GOOD news: I had a good back up right before the crash. I was so worried to erase the hard drive though because I was still nervous about my back up being ok. But it was. So I lost a whole day of work but finally got my computer back up and running perfectly. I was on the phone with Apple technicians for about 3 hours, thank goodness they were so nice and helpful. My second piece of advice is this:

#2 ALWAYS, always, always have a back up to your computer. If you aren’t doing it, find the best method to do it and make it happen.

A word of Advice... ALWAYS back up your computer!

Yep. Just DO IT!!

You never know if and when Your computer might crash. But likely sometime you will have an issue that can threaten your files and photos etc… So be prepared! I am glad I got it all back thanks to my handy back up. I was finally able to get my February Calendar completed! Yay!


I can’t believe we are over halfway through January already. It’s time to start thinking about and planning for February. So  here is my February Calendar. They say LOVE is a many splendored thing so why not focus on LOVE for the month of February with this 2014 february Calendar. here is a link that has some other fun February facts and a random holiday for each day on the February calendar——–>>Holiday Insights

Count each day…


Make each day count!!

2014 February Calendar!
2014 February calendar free printable from inkhappi.com

It’s here. Your February Calendar!

Download or print from HERE——>>  JPEG or PDF

Do what you




What you do!!


Here is the printable to go along with it:

Free printable Do what you love...love what you do!

That’s right! Enjoy!

Download or print from HERE——>>  JPEG or PDF

I hope January is going well for you and you can look forward to sharing some LOVE in February!

For more Valentine/Love related posts and free printables from inkhappi, go ______>>HERE




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    They are so bright and cheery and make me smile.

  2. Thanks for the cute February calendar! This is the perfect format for keeping track of my daily work.

  3. Seriously, I love your calendar prints!! It helps me to stay organized with all that i’m doing. I can’t thank you enough!!!


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