Free Printable Coloring Pages oh so fun and inspiring!


More free printable coloring pages are here!


Fun and Inspiring.... Free printable coloring pages! Great for framing.

Would you like some free printable coloring pages? I’m currently at SNAP conference and I made up these cute little coloring pages to hand out with my business cards. I refer to them as a coloring “party” waiting to happen. 🙂 I hope my blogging buddies like them!

Fun and Inspiring.... Free printable coloring pages! Great for framing.

My daughter and I were packaging these for my blog conference and we were dying to color them but I’ve been too busy to do it yet…. Anyway, I decided to make them in 8×10 sizes to share with YOU, my readers! These free printable coloring pages are fun and inspiring and I think they would look pretty awesome framed after you color them. I’m going to get a chance to color them and I know that they will have a place to display in my studio! Yay!

Do you see a favorite one yet?

Do they look like inkhappi to you?

The answers to these questions for me are MAYBE, and YES! I really like all the pages for different reasons. I like to dream BIG, Life for me is all about the “ENJOY!”, and I love to promote HAPPY at inkhappi. I think the CHOOSE HAPPY may edge out the others on the coloring pages. Maybe it has something to do with the saying and those fun flowers I can’t wait to color. 🙂

So here are the prints to download:


Free Printable Coloring Pages

Fun and Inspiring.... Free printable coloring pages! Great for framing.





Can you spot the Frog, Bee, Bunny, Caterpillar, Arrows,  and  Butterfly-flower on the coloring pages? Happi coloring, my friends!!


On a sidenote… Did you notice the new inkhappi logo on my blog header? I’m currently working on a new design and many exciting things are in the works for inkhappi. I have been a bit quiet as of late because I have been working on some new fun adventures for inkhappi. STAY TUNED!!! blog signature

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  1. Eloise Ireland says:

    I just love love your blog. It makes me happy. I have been blessed to find you. You are so gifted in the ways you create things. Thank you and thank you for sharing your free printables.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to tell you… I’m hooked. I’ve spent an hour on it so far this morning and I can’t wait to see what the future hold. 🙂 thank you for lots of inspiration!

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