It’s a Love Story! {Famous movie quotes}

Happy February! 


Are we ready for lots of hearts, red things, love notes, sweet things…




Love Stories?!!


I’ve been making a list of some of my favorite love stories

so I can watch a few {hopefully with my sweetie} this month. 🙂


I also compiled a list of some of my favorite lines from these movies!

Love... Famous Movie Quotes & prints at

What movie of all of these have I watched the most, and is considered mine & the bffhubs “Movie”???



{Say Anything}





I made some prints of some of the best!


Movie-Love-quotes & free printables at

Here are some thoughts I have on these 3 movies and a {link} for the prints:

{Dirty Dancing}

Who doesn’t love a summer filled with some [ROMANCE] DRAMA [FUN] & DANCING!!!

This movie brought it all.


{The Notebook}

This movie actually is not a favorite of mine (as it is for many!) But, it definitely has THE BEST lines that a love story can bring!! I may just have to watch it this month just for the lines!


{Sleepless in Seattle}

OK. This is just one amazing  feel good, “real” movie. True story… My daughter used this quote on her wedding announcement! I must watch this movie at least once a year and I have always been a Meg Ryan fan!







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