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Its been awhile since I have shared some happy life quotes. I have had some thoughts running through my mind lately and wanted to share a few life quotes this week. Hopefully they will impact some of you in a positive way! I love how they turned out using one of my favorite color combinations for summer: White, golden yellow and charcoal.

Here are todays “Life Quotes”
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4 new “happi” Life Quotes from inkhappi!

Life Quote#1

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If you have the power to make someone happy, DO IT. The world needs more of that.

True that! You, Me, US, We all need to try to bring more “happi” into this world in whatever way we can. It may just be a smile. That smile could make a strangers day though! Has that ever happened to you? It has  to me and it was pretty wonderful. Run this little thought through your mind in the mornings and see if it can make a difference in your day, or someone else’s!

Life Quote#2

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It’s ok to be happy with a calm life.

We really don’t have to “do it all”. We aren’t a failure if we don’t meet Martha Stewart standards, and none of us are really true Superheroes. To everything there is a time and a season. Some are busier than others. Since becoming an empty nester, my life is still busy in many ways, yet has become much calmer. I’ve taken time to evaluate some of the seasons in my life and see others stress out because of over-doing it.  I think most of us can simplify our life in some way and add a bit more “happi” in in its place. Living a calmer life does not mean we are unproductive, it just means we can manage our time better and are able to FOCUS on what’s important. I LOVE the way that BRIGHTENTHEDAY interpreted this quote. She put it so well in 4 short paragraphs HERE!

Life Quote#3

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You can’t live a POSITIVE life with a negative mind.

Well said. I’m gonna let you in on a secret of mine {if you’ve followed me much this won’t be a secret}. Type in positive attitude in inhappi’s search bar and you will find some gems. 🙂 What more can I say except NEGATIVITY gets you NOWHERE!

Life Quote#4

let-things-happen free printable

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Stop thinking and just let things happen…

Sometimes you just need to trust your intuition! Thats right. If your intuition tells you to take the day off and take a drive to to the beach or the pasture in the VW bus, then do it! Hahah, but really sometimes we just think a little too much. This advice is best used occasionally as needed. My experience has been very positive when I follow this advice.

There you have it… 4 new “happi” Life Quotes from inkhappi! I hope you enjoy these quotes and have a FABULOUS week. :):)





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  1. I always love your quote posts. yhese are great and have meaning to me. I love the color combos too and how they co-ordinate. thanks for inspiring and sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I LOVE them! Especially the 2nd one. For many reasons, I needed to hear that today. Hahah 🙂

  3. These are super cute! I love the happy yellow 🙂

    • I’m a yellow fan Cori! I guess that makes sense being all “inkhappi” . Thanks for the visit. 🙂
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  4. Oooooooh I LOVE those!

  5. Cute! I love that last one with the bus!

  6. Madeline was reading over my shoulder and said “Wow, Mom, that’s a lot of happy! It’s nice to be happy.” 🙂 I love all of them!

  7. I’m a Quoteaholic too. I love to drop in here and see all your great images.

  8. these are great – thanks for sharing!

  9. the perfect time Jillian–I have been reminding my son about having a positive attitude!

    • I am all about attitude. It really makes a difference in our happiness. I hope he can learn/understand that. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  10. Everyone can always use more Happi! I love these, thank you for sharing with us!

  11. i love this color scheme! these are the perfect thing to brighten someone’s day!

  12. So bright and sunny–and great quotes!

  13. Love the yellow and gray. 🙂

  14. I need these today. Thanks for sharing!
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