May 2014 Calendar is Here…Enjoy the Little Things!

May 2014 calendar is Here!

Cute May 2014 calendar and some thought and printables to go with it!

Time flies. Seriously. It is nearly May and I am sharing the May 2014 Calendar today. Mothers day is 3 weeks away, What a great time to start thinking about how to honor our Mothers and celebrate motherhood! It’s time to start planning for the end of the school year, graduations, planning for summer, vacations, and just everyday things. For many may is a busy month filled with end of the school year activities, concerts, awards ceremonies etc… Amongst it all there will be a lot of small moments which can be enjoyed. Often times we can get caught up in  the whirlwind of  “dreaming BIG”, “going for it”, “climbing the ladder of success”.  Those things can all be good but sometimes we miss out on the little things which can sometimes turn out to be the BIG THINGS in life.  It may just be a casual conversation you have with someone that can end up having a big impact. Or it could be a spontaneous schedule change that ends up having a positive affect on your life. So that is my message with  the May 2014 calendar. Slow down enough to recognize and…

Enjoy the little things!

Those may include:

Vow to compliment 5-10 people in a day

Teach a child a new skill or manner

Drive a different route to make things more interesting

Have or serve breakfast in bed

Hold a baby (someone else’s)

Watch 10 minutes of funny u-tube videos

Call instead of text

Send a card to someone just because

Color with crayons or do a craft

Try a new restaurant or food

Express your love to someone

Enter a contest

There are so many things you could do! When planning your May 2014 calendar, try taking off something big, and penciling in something small. See if it brings happiness! I have tried to do this a bit more lately and it seems to make a difference. {see this post}  I find myself laughing about something that was said or done in a day and then taking a moment to enjoy a fun text with someone I shared that humorous moment with. And it has brought some more “happi” into my life! My word for 2013 was “FOCUS”. I learned how important it is to focus but as with many things in life, there must be balance. Sometime you need to focus on the “little things”. I tend to look ahead a lot. I am learning to stop and just “enjoy the moment” more.

This site had a great list of some very little things that can be enjoyed! ——>> “Just Little Things”  Take a moment to check them out. They may inspire you as they did me!

Here’s wishing you a great May!

Now here is the May 2014 calendar. Just click on the image and right click to save to your computer. 

Love this cute free printable May 2014 calendar!

Download HERE——–>> JPEG or  PDF

…and HERE is something to help you to remember to “Enjoy the little things”!

Two cute styles to choose from!

Some thoughts and free printables. Enjoy the little things! One other style available.

Download HERE——–>> JPEG  or  PDF

Some thoughts and free printables. Enjoy the little things! One other style available.

Download HERE——–>> JPEG  or  PDF

As always…





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  1. Kristine Joy Calaud says:

    Thanks for this Jillene!! Highly Appriciated!

  2. Jillene,

    So awesome to meet you at SNAP! Love, love, love your graphic design! Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Happy day friend,

  3. Karianne! You just totally made my day! Thanks so much for stopping by and for ALL of your inspiration! I have a comment for you but I will save it for your blog. 😉 Love you! xoxo Jillene

  4. Thank you for sharing your calendars! This is my second month using and there so cute!

  5. I love your calendars!! Thank you for sharing!! But, I did notice when I printed out the May calendar, on the 11th it says Mothes Day, instead of Maothers Day.

  6. Oh my Gosh Mindy (and hundreds of others who have been here–eeek)! Thanks for pointing that out. I feel a little silly. I tend to do these late at night and I hate to admit I sometimes make mistakes. I will fix the links! 🙂

  7. Such beautiful work! What font was used for “Enjoy the little things” and “Celebrate motherhood” on the May calendar? Thanks!

  8. Thanks Ari! This is one of my favorite fonts… it’s called “Ma Sexy” and here is the download link 🙂


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