October 2015 Calendar… Come and get it!

It’s here…

October 2015 Calendar and print. Free printables!  A cute new calendar every month!

October 2015 calendar and print!

I had a bit of a hard time “feeling it” as I was designing the October 2015 calendar because we are still currently getting 100 degree digits. None the less, it had me thinking of happy days ahead. I love October. The weather finally starts cooling down in Arizona and there is evidence that Fall is finally here. I am a big fan of  Halloween too. I love the decorations, costumes and getting a little spooky. I know it’s not for everyone but just so ya know… I like it! 🙂

Today is the last day of August and I made a vow this month to follow my advice on my August 2015 calendar to “Make the rest of your life the best of your life”. I set some goals and have been doing some things daily to help make that happen. For September I am going to “Live with Passion and Purpose”. I do pretty good with the passion but I need to work on the purpose part more. I love having a good thought or quote to help me along the way.

And the thought for the  October 2015 calendar is about making what lies within us an important matter. There is a saying I have always liked…

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present.

You know we can’t change the past and we can only hope for the future so why not focus on the present? What better way to do this than to look inside ourselves and try to make us the best we can be! If we are our best selves everyday the future can’t help but be brighter. That is why I chose this thought. Whatever path we are on remember this:

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

We all make mistakes, and most of us have fears but we all have talents and potential within us that can help us reach goals and achieve happiness on a daily basis. So here is to “happi” days friends!

Ok, now for the good stuff. Free printables, calendar, planning, and FALL!!!!!

October 2015 Calendar and print. Free printables!  A cute new calendar every month!


Download: PDF    or    JPEG

And the thought for the October 2015 calendar:

October 2015 Calendar and print. Free printables!  A cute new calendar every month!


So now that I spilled my guts, tell me what you like about October. Are you a fan of Halloween, yay or nay?  Do you have any goals or favorite thoughts that help you achieve happiness? Leave me a comment below!

October 2015 Calendar and print. Free printables! A cute new calendar every month!


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  1. I love your printables!!!!!!!
    your calendars help my disorganization.
    thank you so much!!!!!

  2. I love your calendars !!!
    We kids love them too
    Can we get it with the Canadian holidays ?( for example October 12 is Thanksgiving Day in Canadaa)
    Thanks a lot

    • Thank you so much Gana! Because I offer these for free, I usually just do one version because it’s a lot more work to offer more but I do take special requests sometimes. I will see what I can do for you. So interesting to me… I just learned about Canadian Thanksgiving when I included that information in a post I shared the first month I started blogging. http://inkhappi.com/lets-not-skip-thanksgiving/

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful calendars. Are you going to share the October one at some point in jpeg format? For me it’s prints so much clearer.
    You create such wonderful work!

  4. LeighAnne Crites says:

    Hello – I am a marketing director for a Chick-fil-A in Tulsa and would love to use your calendars for our community board.Would we have your permission to use October? I would be happy to pay you for your calendars.


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