Sharing something wonderful for Autism Awareness!


Today I am “happi” to be able to promote a good cause!!

These prints are 5×7 and can be safely downloaded here:

April is Autism Awareness month free printables at


April is Autism Awareness month free printables at


April is Autism Awareness month free printables at


April is Autism Awareness month free printables at


The day my BFF girlfriend Amy’s son was diagnosed with Autism over 15 years ago was the day I became  really “aware” of autism for the first time. Since that time I have seen many loved ones deal with autism in their family and I have been inspired and educated by many of them as to the joys, sorrows, and wonders that autism can encompass. 

I have friends, cousins, and my dear sweet niece who just recently received the diagnosis on her son with autism. This hits close to home for me. Two of the young women I worked with in my church group 10+ years ago now each have an autistic daughter. I still follow their lives a bit and have seen what amazing moms they have become and I can also see the strength they have received through coping with autism in their own families. Today this is what Kristen, posted about her sweet daughter Saylee. I thought she expressed herself so well. This is real and heartfelt. I asked her if I could share this on my blog and she gave me permission. {On a side note, I have watched Kristen grow up more or less, and I couldn’t be more “happi” to see what an amazing mom and person she is. She sews her kids clothes and her darling Saylee ALWAYS always wears the cutest dresses!}

April is Autism Awareness month free printables at

Here are Kristens words…

[A U T I S M A W A R E N E S S D A Y. Support your friends/family of autism by wearing blue today. Autism is a big part of my families life, it doesn’t define Saylee, its just a part of who she is. It is never going away, we don’t try to hide it or justify her behavior to anyone. Our family motto is “different, not less.” We have an amazing community of support from our family, friends, neighbors and ward members who love Saylee. Our world is absent of judgmental thoughts and negativity, she cannot thrive if she is flooded with insecurity about herself. No one can. We love her no matter what. She is our lil’ lady and im thankful to have been chosen as her mama! If you wear blue today, please tag me…I’d love to see it! #differentnotless #autismawareness]

kristen has an Etsy shop where she sells those CUTE dresses Saylee wears!

You can check it out

HERE {honkonline}

REALLY CUTE handmade girls dresses :)

Today  {4/02/13}was autism awareness day. All were encouraged to wear BLUE

Yes, I wore my blue.

I also spent part of my day creating some graphic designs to help spread autism awareness. 

I am really excited to share these and hope my readers and those visiting my site will use these to help bring autism awareness. 


These are pass out cards. print on 8.5×11, cut, and hand out :):)

autism-pass-out-cards...April is Autism Awareness month free printables at

Here is a 8.5×11 Poster to place prominently somewhere for April Awareness :):)

April is Autism Awareness month free printables at


One of the most important things we can do to help with the autism cause is 

U N D E R S T A N D I N G.

Many with autism are so misunderstood for their behaviors. This can be difficult for the parents of autistic children. Nobody truly knows what another is experiencing. We must show COMPASSION, and LOVE to those around us. Its just the right thing to do!

 I would welcome any who would like to guest post on my blog regarding autism awareness. Please contact me about this if you would like to share something!


“April is Autism Awareness Month”  

Let’s spread the word.

…and keep it going throughout the year!!


For several more autism prints go HERE!

April is Autism Awareness Month. Its a great opportunity to show your support toward a great need and cause. Lots of free printables and information on this site.



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  1. Amy Martin says:

    Hi my dear friend. Was heading to bed and saw your post. Will fall asleep with a smile. Such kind thoughts and inspiration you shared along with your friend who is also a mama to “different, not less” beautiful child. It was August 1, 1997 when we were told our son had autism, we should probably put him in a home, he probably won’t ever talk or hug or say he loves us and that only a third of marriages survive with a special needs child in the family. I walked to the car numb and looked at my husband, i said “I will never put him in a home, I don’t care if he ever talks and please do not leave me.” He said the same. I went to the library for 6 hours sitting in the middle of the aisle with the very few books available on the subject feeling more and more overwhelmed and hopeless. What i learned is to trust in God and my own instincts as a mother and to celebrate all my son’s achievements no matter how small or big to others, i also have learned to enjoy his peculiarities, it is what makes him HIM. My frustrated 3 year old is now a beautiful 19 year old man who tells me every day he loves me and hugs and kisses me. He goes on a date most weekends( with us doubling!) , he has won more gold medals than i can count in Special Olympic sports, he is loved in our ward and neighborhood and family. He has a sister and brother in law who help support him in sports, therapies and outings. He is blessed with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, scouts and friends who love him and understand him and celebrate him and all his uniqueness right by our sides. I am forever grateful for what he has taught me, there are some years i do not remember well being overwhelmed and depressed but with one step in front of the other i came thru the fog and look forward to life with my son and family. With more understanding of autism more hope is given to me for his future, his safety and his opportunities. I love you and thank you for always being one of my cheerleaders and always seeing my son and not only his autism.

    • Awwww Amy! You amaze me. Once again, your words have inspired me! I love Jake to pieces and I often think how lucky you are to get to have his fun, sweet, innocent spirit close to you always. I know there are tough times though and you always handle it well. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I really like the posters and cards you made. Thanks so much for linking up at Real Family Fun.

  3. Lisa Burns says:

    Thanks sooooo much for creating these ( : We are decorating windows at the Markay Theater and will use your design to remind people to “Light It Up Blue”….I made sure your “inkhappi” is on the print ( : Cheers!!!!

  4. Thank you for posting these! My office took a group pic for our Facebook page and I printed these posters for us to hold. They were beautiful and I am so thankful you put them up for us!!


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  2. […] Sharing something wonderful for Autism Awareness! […]

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