January 2017 Calendar and Print… Enjoy the Little Things!

Hello December… and HELLO January 2017 calendar! It’s here. Yep. 2017 is upon us and I have the January 2017 calendar here to help start off the year right! So here we go! A word that comes to mind when bringing in the new year is OPPORTUNITY… “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce {Read More}

May 2015 Calendar …Come what may and love it!

  As promised I am getting my monthly calendars out a month in advance so today I’m sharing May 2015 calendar! It’s time to say bye bye to another month and hello to a new month and just like that a quarter of 2015 is behind us.  I think this is my favorite calendar yet! I hope you LOVE it! I chose my message as “Get through the month as fast as you can”! Awesome, right? OK, here. it. is. {Read More}

May 2014 Calendar is Here…Enjoy the Little Things!

May 2014 calendar is Here! Time flies. Seriously. It is nearly May and I am sharing the May 2014 Calendar today. Mothers day is 3 weeks away, What a great time to start thinking about how to honor our Mothers and celebrate motherhood! It’s time to start planning for the end of the school year, graduations, planning for summer, vacations, and just everyday things. For many may is a busy month filled with end of the school year activities, concerts, {Read More}