Online Shopping: Some of My Favorite Go To Sites!

 I have shared several affiliate links in this post. (Amazon, Creative Market, Dating Divas, POGO Pass) This is a way that inkhappi can make some extra money to keep this website going. Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I avoided the crowds this weekend and opted to stay home and get some decorating and other projects done around my house. But today, I am enjoying my “Cyber Monday“! I love to go into stores and see whats new {Read More}

P Fonts… 32 awesome Free font downloads!

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. YEP! It’s about the letter P today. Can you compose a sentence using all words that start with a P allowing only “a” or “of” in it? Please post yours in the comment section below. I’d love to see what you come up with.  Ok here’s a simple one of my own: Practice placing plenty of pretty papers properly past a purple passageway, pretty please! Hahah. Well it made PERFECT sense to me. 😉 {Read More}

School Fonts… Free download links and a Printable!

Calling my fellow font addicts! In the midst of back to school happening, how awesome would it be to add some school fonts to your font collection? Well I’ve got you covered! Yeah! Here are 18 free school fonts for you to choose from: Some of these fonts are great for teaching handwriting skills with lined versions and some even have arrows to help direct the new learner. Many of these also have several versions to install on the download {Read More}

Another free fonts post… Some of my favorite “O” fonts!

  It’s another fonts post and today I am back to sharing the alphabet of free fonts. Its been several months since I’ve shared the N fonts but I am determined to finish the alphabet and share my second half of the alphabet of fonts with some of my favorite “O” fonts today!   So how about we get started?!! Click on the font name below for the download link. Some of my favorite “O” free fonts   Oh Photo Shoot {Read More}

Spring fonts including flower and Easter elements

  Spring has arrived! . So today I’m sharing some spring fonts! 🙂   I just got back from a fabulous week in California for Spring break. I took a week off of  of my everyday life including much social media, working, and home duties to enjoy my family, my darling sweet grandchildren,  the ocean, dates with my husband, relaxing etc… I didn’t realize I would get lost in it all but I did and it was nice to take that {Read More}

Ampersand Fonts & Prints… Oh, the Joy!!

I have a confession to make! &&&& Along with my crazy addiction to fonts, I also have a great love for… the AMPERSAND! I am back with another font post today. Yes, I am still a font addict but I got a little burnt out on my font posts and took a little break. I plan to continue to share the remaining half of alphabet fonts from my A-Z font series but today I’m sharing some of my favorite ampersand {Read More}

N Fonts … 30 of my top picks!

Hello! I am Sharing some new fonts today. We are halfway through the Alphabet and we are now at N fonts. So, I will share some of my top picks I have found for the letter N.  You know I love fonts, but for the first time in sharing the alphabet fonts I struggled a bit with the letter N fonts. There is just not that many out there. Hmmmm…. anyway I did still manage to round up 30 of {Read More}

M Fonts have arrived at inkhappi… Come see!

Hello! Today I am sharing some of my favorite M fonts! That means inkhappi has finally reached the halfway point in the alphabet of font sharing for all of us font addicts! So its been over 2 months since I shared my last alphabet font post, “L fonts” and last month I shared some of the best “Patriotic Fonts“. I have been getting so many people viewing my L fonts that I knew we were due for this batch of M fonts. {Read More}

Patriotic Fonts! Here’s 38 of the best free Patriotic Fonts

Today is all about… PATRIOTIC FONTS! I am interrupting my normal alphabetical font shares to bring you some of the very best free Patriotic fonts with download links! These are great especially this time of the year but can be used all year long. There are so many Patriotic fonts that represent the USA and the stars and stripes as well as fireworks, flags, and banners. Pretty awesome stuff! Are you ready to get started? Here we go! Just click on {Read More}

Fonts… Sharing My Favorite L Fonts!

  I haven’t shared fonts in awhile and I haven’t been real consistent on a couple of things that I would like to resolve. I will be sharing my fonts on the second Monday of every Month and my Calendars on the third Monday of every Month for the rest of this year. This way you know when to expect them. I will be posting the June Calendar next Monday the 19th and the next font post will be M {Read More}

Free Font Downloads…Sharing my favorite “K” fonts!

Here we go again! I love sharing some awesome free font downloads and making it easy for you to add the ones you’d like. I’m sharing March’s batch of free font downloads and we are to now to letter…. K! The majority of my favorite K free font downloads come from 3 designers… K22= Toto@22 KB= Khrys Bosland and my very favorite, KG= Kimberly Geswein As with any fonts, please follow the designers usage agreement. And here they are! Ok, now for {Read More}

Free Font Downloads …Sharing my favorite “J” Fonts!

Yay! Its another font sharing day!    I am excited to bring you more free font downloads today. Its been awhile since I have shared my favorite alphabet free font downloads. We are to “J” fonts, and here they are! Its always hard sharing only a small selection of what I have. There are so many other fonts I’d like to share. Janda fonts are some of my favorite fonts! I shared 11 here today but there are a lot more {Read More}