Vegetarian Chili…Easy, Healthy and Delicious!

This Vegetarian Chili recipe was not a planned post…   But today I just had to share my new favorite healthy recipe for vegetarian chili. The bonus is that it’s easy, healthy and delicious! I have been on a 10 day cleanse and what I can eat is very limited. Some of the days I’m able to have lentils and vegetables and was given a recipe for a vegetarian chili. I made some adjustments to the recipe to suit my tastes and made {Read More}

MmmmMmm Baked Sweet Potato Fries {So easy!}

MmmMmmmm Sweet Potato Fries! Sharing a YuMmmmy  and somewhat healthy recipe today.  &&& of course, its wayyyy simple and Sooo easy!! I’m talking Sweet Potato Fries! A couple of facts about sweet potatoes: 1. They are recommended by many health professionals as a healthy meal option. 2. They are used in many detox programs. So GO FOR IT! Make some baked sweet potato fries!! I rarely follow recipes and I just wanted to make these very simple yet flavorful and {Read More}

Spicy Slow Cooker Shredded Beef, Nachos, and Cherry Coke Recipes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions and recipes shared are my own. #ScoreOnFlavor #CollectiveBias There are so many awesome recipes that can be made with shredded beef. I’m sharing a 3 ingredient slow cooker spicy shredded beef recipe that I used for my “Kick Off Nachos”.  I’m also sharing some recipe tips that helped turn all of my other toppings into a flavorful dish and then, my drink of choice to finish it {Read More}

Football Cheese Ball and a Cool DIY Tray to Serve it on!

  Do you want to be a hit at the party? Wether it’s your own,  you’re going to one or even for a tailgate party, this football cheese ball and diy grass serving tray will make everyone smile! In fact I will make you smile now…. See the football cheese ball on the field and the crackers on the sidelines getting ready to be put in the game? Did it make you smile? {yeah, I know kinda Cheeeesey!} Ok this {Read More}

Halloween Treat …It’s a “Good Witches Spell”!

HALLOWEEN BLOG BASH: It’s a Witches Spell Halloween Treat plus over 110 other fun Halloween ideas! Because I love Halloween so much, I am sharing a Halloween Treat today! Whats even better is I have joined over 100 of my talented and creative blogging friends to bring you over 110 fabulous Halloween ideas! All week (Monday through Saturday) you will find costumes, parties, crafts. home decor, recipes and free printables! There are so many fun ideas!  Each day will include approximately 20 Halloween projects and you can {Read More}

Football free printables for the food table and more!

Sarah over at Mom Endeavors is a big time football fan, particularly an avid Nebraska Huskers fan! She hosts weekly blog hops with posts related to football in the fall. Be sure and check out all the previous blog hops and future football posts on her blog. I am excited to join her today and in a few more upcoming weeks. I thought I’d start off with sharing what I do best, some football free printables! FOOTBALL free printables   Its Friday, {Read More}

Zombie BOOgers are Yummy… Really!

Hello! I’m excited to be a part of  Cupcake Diaries “30 Days of Halloween” sharing my Zombie BOOgers! There have been lots of fun ideas shared so far and I am adding mine today. 🙂 Want a fun Halloween treat? One that is: FUN FREAKY DELICIOUS &&& wayyyy easy too?!! Well… I GOT IT! How about some Zombie BOOgers!?!! I am sharing my love for 2 things in this post… #1 My love for Halloween! I have always loved this holiday. {Read More}

Lunchbox Ideas and Inspirations plus a cool giveaway!

The “back to school” season has arrived and today I am going to share some  lunchbox ideas and tips to help prepare for the new school year. Like most things, planning ahead will help things run much smoother when it comes to lunchbox ideas. So here are a few tips I’ve come up with to help things run smoothly! LUNCHBOX IDEAS & TIPS 1) The first thing to think about is maybe creating a schedule ahead of time to help {Read More}

Green Salad Recipes Packed with Protein and Veggies!

I love salads! Especially this time of year. I have rounded up 12 fabulous green salad recipes from Pinterest that I’m putting on my menus for the month of August! I am trying to get in a lot of protein and vegetables with my green salad so these green salad recipes include protein and vegetables! I want them to be as light as possible also so i may need to make some adjustments to some of the dressings or toppings but I think these look so Fabulous!! {Read More}

American Flag Jello Jigglers …Patriotic fun with Jello!

    A fun and Patriotic way to try  J E L L O!  I’m sharing a fun and easy recipe for American Flag Jello Jigglers to add a little patriotic touch to a meal. I have always enjoyed adding extra flair to my meals around a particular holiday and this simple idea can do just that! I have never really been much of a Jello maker and recently, I have discovered how easy Jello Jigglers are to make. Believe {Read More}

Big Rice Krispie Kiss! {for Daddy or someone special}

Ok… I’ve got one last Fathers Day Post. It’s for a great big rice krispie kiss! This is another idea that is quick, easy and yummy… my favorite combination!! When I was a child I learned this tune and would always sing it to my daddy for Fathers Day. I would even sing it to him when it wasn’t Fathers day! I would climb up on his lap and do the actions that go with this tune. I’m so glad {Read More}

Dr Seuss! A celebration of a wonderful man!

Dr Seuss ranks high on my list of “favorites”!   This is an exciting post for me because I absolutely LOVE Dr Seuss. His birthday is on March 2nd. So, I thought it would be a great opportunity to Celebrate Dr Seuss this month! I believe Dr Seuss is brilliant! His fun, quirky, rhyming nonsense makes it easy to learn to read. In fact, I credit Dr Seuss for teaching my daughter (who is also brilliant) to read. I would guess {Read More}