Halloween Prints to add some fun to your Halloween decor!

Yes, it’s begun… the countdown to Halloween! How about some Halloween Prints?!! I asked inkhappi’s Facebook followers  if, and when they put up Halloween decor. Most who responded gave me a very enthusiastic YES! Some even begin putting Halloween decor up early in September. Some said they’d like to put them up now but are forbidden by a family member, requesting they wait. {hee hee} Most said they decorate around October 1st. Do you put up Halloween decor? If so, when does it {Read More}

October 2015 Calendar… Come and get it!

It’s here… October 2015 calendar and print! I had a bit of a hard time “feeling it” as I was designing the October 2015 calendar because we are still currently getting 100 degree digits. None the less, it had me thinking of happy days ahead. I love October. The weather finally starts cooling down in Arizona and there is evidence that Fall is finally here. I am a big fan of  Halloween too. I love the decorations, costumes and getting a little {Read More}

Halloween Treat …It’s a “Good Witches Spell”!

HALLOWEEN BLOG BASH: It’s a Witches Spell Halloween Treat plus over 110 other fun Halloween ideas! Because I love Halloween so much, I am sharing a Halloween Treat today! Whats even better is I have joined over 100 of my talented and creative blogging friends to bring you over 110 fabulous Halloween ideas! All week (Monday through Saturday) you will find costumes, parties, crafts. home decor, recipes and free printables! There are so many fun ideas!  Each day will include approximately 20 Halloween projects and you can {Read More}

Trick or Treat Prints …Happy October!

Hello! And Happy October! Its time for a Trick or Treat and I will tell you right now the treat is… Trick or Treat and “Bat Crazy” free printables! I love October for so many reasons. Here are a few: Fall is in the air. It finally cools off in Arizona. 🙂 I enjoy warm drinks and home brewed root beer. There are a lot of fun treats around. Things get a little spooky! (I like that) Scary Movies! People {Read More}

Instagram Halloween Costume With Printables To Customize It

  I am really excited! This is a BIG day. ——–>> I get to share my Instagram Halloween Costume! Every year nearing Halloween I search the web for ideas for awesome Halloween costumes. Sometimes it can be hard finding fun creative ones that can be made from home. If your like me sometimes you want something cute and clever but doesn’t require too much fuss and its a bonus if you can sit down in it! 😉 I hope this costume will be just {Read More}

Zombie BOOgers are Yummy… Really!

Hello! I’m excited to be a part of  Cupcake Diaries “30 Days of Halloween” sharing my Zombie BOOgers! There have been lots of fun ideas shared so far and I am adding mine today. 🙂 Want a fun Halloween treat? One that is: FUN FREAKY DELICIOUS &&& wayyyy easy too?!! Well… I GOT IT! How about some Zombie BOOgers!?!! I am sharing my love for 2 things in this post… #1 My love for Halloween! I have always loved this holiday. {Read More}

Halloween Jokes, Puns and Riddles! Ahhahah!

I love Halloween jokes! So I may have almost told a lie a couple of days ago. I said I was done with Halloween posts and here I go again. In my defense I could just call this a jokes and riddle post but lets face it. Its Halloween jokes! They are so silly yet fun and the Halloween puns can be endless. I had to weed through quite a few to pick out some of my favorite Halloween jokes.  Some of the {Read More}

Fancy decorated pumpkins for two dollars!

Pumpkins! {dollar store pumpkins} decorated will last for years personalized your own style …………………………………………………………….. You know I like projects that are quick and easy… Well the other day I picked up a couple of pumpkins at the dollar store. They looked like pumpkins, you know orange with a brown stem. Yep. But I wanted to give them a personal touch. I love black and gold together so I picked up some gold thumbtacks also at the dollar store. Two pumpkins {Read More}

Halloween Printables … Banners & More!

Free HALLOWEEN Printables!   I’m sharing some  free Halloween printables. Some are new and a couple are from last year when I had just begun to blog! The first print can be found HERE.  It has been such a popular print over the last year. It gets action even when it isn’t near halloween… I guess witches come out year round! Tee hee hee Here’s to one happi happy witch! {check out the POST HERE} download here This next one {Read More}

Homemade Root Beer! The {witch} has been brewing…

    {Hocus-Pocus, give me Brew}   Homemade Root Beer! I just love homemade root beer brewed to perfection this time of year. There is something about Autumn, Halloween, and the excitement that comes with it that opens up the opportunity to brew some root beer for the kids and loved ones. Last year I made my first attempt at making homemade root beer. Had I known it was so easy, I would of been making it for years! We had a {Read More}

Halloween Fonts with download links

Halloween Fonts! &&& Halloween Verses!   When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.   Mwahhaahahah   Yes, I am still a crazy font addict. For proof of that check all my font posts out HERE! I know I have been MIA for sharing new fonts lately and I have a batch of “H” fonts coming up… but with it being October, I thought it would be fun to share some {Read More}

Serving up some Zombie BOOgers!

Hey, so Zombies are the craze… right? Especially in the fall! so… This post is all about ZOMBIES!  HALLOWEEN is very near…. That means spooky things like Zombies may be looming nearby!  If you google “zombies” and check out the images you will see some pretty freaky stuff! seriously check it out HERE! —————–>——>———–>————>——–>———————–> BOO! I told ya so! hahah If you want some really fun facts about Zombies, check this out! {Zombie Facts You Need to Know} Hopefully they will {Read More}