Encouraging Thoughts to Motivate and Inspire!

I love sharing encouraging thoughts because they give me something to focus on.  They also help to motivate me to become a better person. My monthly calendars tend to be some of my most popular posts. With each calendar I share an encouraging thought and a printable to go along with the calendar. Once the month is over, some of these prints get overlooked so I am sharing the encouraging thoughts from the first six months in 2015.   6 Encouraging Thoughts… {Read More}

Kindness Begins at Home… A Coloring Page and a Message

Kindness Begins at Home Kindness Begins at Home. I’ve been wanting to share another kindness post and this topic came to me from so many directions that I just had to share. I wanted to give a fun image to go with this message of “kindness begins at home” and I came up with this fun whimsical coloring page. I think it would look pretty fabulous colored and framed and even given as a gift! In my church we visit {Read More}

September 2016 Calendar… There is confetti everywhere!

Yay! Its the September 2016 calendar! I love calendar time and checking in with my inner self to create the new calendar. I’ve got a fun new design and thought for you to enjoy in September. So here it is! September 2016 Calendar That’s right! BE KIND and spread HAPPINESS like confetti! Because I like FUN, of course I like confetti so I can relate to this statement. There is always room for MORE kindness in the world, right? I’m going {Read More}

March 2016 Calendar with some Purpose and Contentment!

The March 2016 Calendar is here! Yay! I look forward to March because we start seeing a bit of spring and beautiful weather. We usually enjoy an outdoor picnic and easter egg hunt sometime in the month. I also like to celebrate St. Patricks Day on the 17th and Easter on the 27th. What do you like about March? So here it is… MARCH 2016 CALENDAR Wake up each day with a PURPOSE and go to bed feeling CONTENT. You {Read More}

February 2016 Calendar and Love Print!

It’s kind of crazy creating that I’m creating the February 2016 Calendar and it’s still currently 2015 but it’s time to get on with this new year! So take a look at what we have in store for the February 2016 Calendar…

March 2015 Calendar and Print

I can’t believe I am already posting the March 2015 calendar! Seriously, where has the last few weeks gone? Honestly you guys, I am still almost a month behind in my life and trying to catch up. That move and a few other things kicked my booty recently but good news! ——->> I am seeing the light and I think I may be there by March. So good things must happen in March. Yay! I apologize to those of you who {Read More}

Life Quotes to Bring Happiness

Its been awhile since I have shared some happy life quotes. I have had some thoughts running through my mind lately and wanted to share a few life quotes this week. Hopefully they will impact some of you in a positive way! I love how they turned out using one of my favorite color combinations for summer: White, golden yellow and charcoal. Here are todays “Life Quotes” Life Quote#1 download HERE——–>>JPEG or PDF If you have the power to make {Read More}

Happiness is a choice… So why not be happy?!

3.20.2014 Guess what today is? Do you know? Well, I do, and inkhappi is very “happi” about it!  It’s International Day of Happiness! Why would we need to set aside a day for this? Well, many wont even be aware or acknowledge this day. I couldn’t let it pass by without taking an opportunity to share some thoughts on happiness. I have shared plenty on this topic in the past and I will continue to do so because that is {Read More}

Acceptance: Current Word Obsession

Current WORD obsession  ACCEPTANCE Download HERE——–>> JPEG or PDF I have always had a thing for “WORDS”.  Sometimes a word comes in my mind and I think it to death.  Thus, a new post is introduced! Acceptance is an important part of creating happiness. It’s hard to accept things that make our lives more difficult, or limit us in some way. But that gets in the way of our happiness. I have an autoimmune disease and have had some health {Read More}

2014 Annual Calendar and Some Inspirational Thoughts

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to begin a new year! Seriously. I already said this is my year. Do any of you feel that way also? I needed a 2014 annual calendar to help me prepare for the great things that are going to happen! So… Today I’m sharing a 2014 Annual Calendar! {Download HERE}  So there it is.  2014 at a glance! I’m  off and running with the “do one thing everyday that makes you happy”. It fits {Read More}

Happy Thoughts and Quotes! {8/5}

Hello August! and Hello happy thoughts and quotes sizegenetics for the week! Life gives each one of us something different everyday. Right? Its how we deal with those things that creates our own success and happiness.  At the beginning of the year I shared a memory of my father who passed away 20 years ago. He always had so many thoughts, quotes and sayings that he would repeat over and over and even became well known for many of those. {Read More}

Happy Thoughts and Quotes! {7/29}

I’ve got this weeks happy thoughts and quotes sizegenetics! Think… smiles! happiness! enjoy! love! life! Think about this… Has your day ever been brightened by a smile from a stranger? Have you ever wanted to cry but gathered the strength to smile instead? Have you ever wondered why “the simplest thing” brought you so much joy? Have you ever relied on something other than yourself to bring you happiness? Have you ever realized that life treats you better when you {Read More}