Simple Chicken Salad Sandwich… Its so Yummy I die!

Simple Chicken Salad Sandwich… Its so Yummy I die!   Yep! I said it. I die! Thats how I feel about this chicken salad sandwich. I mean that in the best way though. Kind of like “I died and went to heaven” when I eat this sandwich. Or its something I don’t have often so I just die to have it! The craving was there so I decided to whip this up last weekend. You know what else I love about this? {Read More}

Caprese Pasta Salad… Fresh, Easy, Quick, and Yummy!

There are a few things I am very well known for with my friends family and today I am sharing one of those things… Pasta salad! What were you thinking it would be? OK, yes I am known to be a bit outspoken, enthusiastic, very honest and I like to have FUN, but today I am talking about PASTA SALAD!   Usually when I make pasta salad it is for a crowd. Last month I made it 3 times. A ginormous batch {Read More}

For the Love of Salads… Some of my {Favorite} Salad Recipes!

Through my blogging, you will find that I LOVE many things, and let’s face it SALADS are pretty high on that list! I have pinned so many things on Pinterest and I decided I was going to share some of my favorite pins that I have either tried or is on my list to try. These are not my recipes and I must give credit for some pretty amazing recipes and photos here. Please visit the links under each photo {Read More}