Trick or Treat Prints …Happy October!

Hello! And Happy October! Its time for a Trick or Treat and I will tell you right now the treat is…

Trick or Treat and “Bat Crazy” free printables!

Spooky cute Halloween free printables!

I love October for so many reasons.

Here are a few:

Fall is in the air.

It finally cools off in Arizona. 🙂

I enjoy warm drinks and home brewed root beer.

There are a lot of fun treats around.

Things get a little spooky! (I like that)

Scary Movies!

People throw fun parties!

Children dress up and go around to homes saying “Trick or Treat”.

I know Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching. {I love holidays}


So to help you enjoy this crazy month, here are a couple of printables. 

Wait, did I say crrrazzzy? Oh I did! Sometimes I like craaaazzzy! So lets go a little bat crazy something this month. I know we can get away with it. 😉

Go bat crazy!! Spooky cute free printable!


Download Print ——–>> HERE

Now how about a trick or treat one…

Spooky cute Trick or Treat free printable!

Download Print ——–>> HERE

Do you know what my favorite thing about Trick or Treating is?

Getting to see my grandson and my great nieces and nephews dress up and Trick or Treat. I love it when children can do something out of the ordinary and have a blast doing it. I have great memories of Trick or Treating when I was a kid. I also love checking out the stash of candy afterwards. Fun times!

Do you have a favorite Halloween memory?


Have you picked up your October Calendar yet? You may need to keep track of all the CRAZY FUN you are going to have this month!

Life is an adventure...Enjoy it! Otober 2014 Calendar and free printable from



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