Encouraging Thoughts to Motivate and Inspire!

I love sharing encouraging thoughts because they give me something to focus on.  They also help to motivate me to become a better person. My monthly calendars tend to be some of my most popular posts. With each calendar I share an encouraging thought and a printable to go along with the calendar. Once the month is over, some of these prints get overlooked so I am sharing the encouraging thoughts from the first six months in 2015.

Several encouraging thoughts and free printables/ Great fpr goal setting or self improvement!


6 Encouraging Thoughts… Here we go!


Starting with my January 2015 print. It was the start of a new year so the encouraging thought I chose was…

Take it one day at a time… and enjoy the journey!

encouraging thoughts free printables


For the February 2015 Calendar, I wanted to focus on 3 special words.




Thats it. What else do we need? 

LIVE each moment

LAUGH every day.

LOVE beyond measure.

encouraging thoughts free printables


The March 2015 Calendar was very green & hot pink! Plus its a bit enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is good. {most of the time} 😉  And it’s very much about being happy, or “happi” because you know it’s just not worth it to waste a day being unhappy. Right?!!

Happiness is a journey. Do what makes you

oh! so happy!

encouraging thoughts free printables


 How’s that for enthusiastic?!! 

The challenge for April was to find something to cherish in all situations. Don’t let those moments pass you by.

Collect moments, not things.

encouraging thoughts free printables


In May the encouraging thought was to:

– Make everyday a special occasion.

– Enjoy the little things.


Come what MAY and love it!

encouraging thoughts free printables


The final print I’m sharing today comes from June:

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

I don’t think the sunshine being talked about in this quote is from the sun. It’s about happiness! Being kind, being positive, being helpful, and being “happi” are some of the ways we can bring sunshine to others. In turn we can’t help but feel the happiness ourselves.

encouraging thoughts free printables


Thats it. I hope you can find some encouraging thoughts in at least one of these prints!

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