Fancy decorated pumpkins for two dollars!


{dollar store pumpkins}


will last for years


your own style


DIY pumpkin with NO ROT!! And under two dollars! Dollar store pumpkins given a quick and easy personalized touch with black and gold!

Personalize a dollar store pumpkin!

You know I like projects that are quick and easy… Well the other day I picked up a couple of pumpkins at the dollar store. They looked like pumpkins, you know orange with a brown stem. Yep. But I wanted to give them a personal touch. I love black and gold together so I picked up some gold thumbtacks also at the dollar store. Two pumpkins plus one pack of 300 gold thumbtacks came to $3.00. I painted the pumpkins black with some spray paint although any paint would do. Then I just freehanded a design on each pumpkin by sticking the tacks in them. I wanted one with a monogram and just did a filigree design on the other. The cool thing was that these foam type of pumpkins took the thumbtacks really well and I could remove and replace them without a problem. You could also trace a pattern on the pumpkin before placing the tacks. I added a small piece of ribbon as a leaf type garnish. It was a cute finishing touch.

{See it for yourself}

What do you think?!!

Decorated pumpkins from the dollar store done all fancy!


Thats it. just thought I’d share my fun little project. :):)

You can find the cool October 31 Halloween print in the picture above as well as some other Halloween prints and banners by clicking HERE. (Enjoy!)

I have a few other spooky thing around my new tiny place. There is always room for a few Halloween decorations!


Oh the spooky concoctions you can create!

Oh the spooky concoctions you can create!


This is my last Halloween post (I think). I hope you can take advantage of some spooks and fall fun the rest of October! To see other Halloween posts from inkhappi——>> Check HERE



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  1. I have the pumpkins already and I am totally doing this! Thanks for sharing. I am into black & gold also.

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